Penn CIS 110 - module 3

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Alex BossieModule 3 1As I have been growing in my career, good communication has been a key factor in the success that I have earning more responsibility. Good communication is also necessary for growth in my career field because of the different forms that are involved every day. Chapter 4 brought to my attention some main points that I could improve on. Two points that are related to each other and that is some that needs to be constantly worked on and it’s my profanity and my situational context. “Profanity involves cursing(swearing) and other expressions. . . can be perceived positively, neutrally, or negatively.”[CITATION Dan18 \p 90 \y \l 1033 ]Since I was in the military for 6 years, profanity has seemed to make it into my day to day language and has often gotten me in a little trouble in my civilian career. This links to the situational awareness point, I do work with several veterans, some of whom havean issue containing their profanity too, there are also a number of respectable people whom I have never heard use profanity in there day to day at work and expect certain civility in the work place. So, knowing when I really need to watch my profanity and act more civil, polite, and formal when necessary depending on the situation.For myself, I have learned to not only listen to the verbal interaction of whomever I am in a conversation with, I also watch closely to the nonverbal communication ques they are giving off. Just as the textbook Real Communication: An Introduction states as one of their topics, “People trust nonverbal communication more than verbal communication.” (108) Nonverbal cues help me decipher many things from the other person. Depending on facial expressions, eye contact, attitude/mood, and other fidgety type movements help gauge the type of interest and likeness for the conversation going on. I converse with multiple people about certain projects, and when I need some new information on a new project, the interaction from the other person assisting me is much more enjoyable with they have more “positive” nonverbal interactions. As an example, for a new project that was handed down to me, theAlex BossieModule 3 2person was telling me how its an easy job and there is nothing to it, while rolling eyes and sort of slamming items on top of my desk, thus displaying contradicting attitudes to what he was

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Penn CIS 110 - module 3

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