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Definitions:- Com-port-ment: Behavior - Mo-til-ity: The ability to move without help- Spay-she-ality: Any property relating to or occupying spaceSide note: wrote the notes as I read incase anything seems contradicting or I repeat myself Introduction- Overall felt like this was a very interesting and easy read- At times the essay was repetitive and didn’t have a real argument. - The entire essay is over “the remarkable difference in the manner of throwing of the two sexes, male and female”- The author, young, does not make any universal claims about how menand women experience and act in the world, but she is more focused on what is typical of women in historical and cultural situations to act- He makes a remark regarding his theory and states that since they are so young the difference is based on “the manifestation of a biological, not an acquired, difference” - He also goes on to admit he understands girls have “weaker” muscles but they should be able to make up for the weakness with preparation and that the difference between the throwing styles is based on the fact that girls are feminine, and that this is a result of feminine attitudewhich is defined as a common basis which underlies every individual female existence in the present state of education and custom- While reading these statements I took some time to think back on my childhood and also on how society views little girls. Since this is a studyregarding children aged 5, I thought about how when I was growing up,I didn't go outside to play ball and stuff, I spent the majority of my timein the house playing with dolls and more girly things. Usually the boys are the ones that go outside and play ball, play with cars, etc. I know when some people were growing up they weren't even allowed to go outside with boys simply because “they played rough” . Society believes that girls are supposed to be the more gently, none aggressive figures, whereas boys are supposed to be tough and hard all the time. When it comes to sports, it is believed that girls are supposed to be dancers, cheerleaders, play volleyball. Boys are meant to play football, baseball, basketball, etc. “- His argument is not valid since he decided to make this claim on his study done regarding little kids and not people who make their own decisions - Question: Do you believe that the “feminine attitude” is what causes a weakness in some of the things we do, or do you believe it's societies standards causing these weaknesses?- I agree with argument about how we, as women, think of our bodies as burdens sometimes depending on the circumstances. During our cycles, pregnancy, and going through puberty puts a toll on our bodiesand causes us not to want to do certain things. So, her argument that the anatomy of women causes us to be weaker could be a legitimate claim. - When reading the statement “as a human she is a free subject who participates in transcendence, but her situation as a woman denies herthat subjectivity and transcendence” (pg 32) I automatically thought about the discussion we had in class about free agents, and if we, ourselves, believed we were free agents. since we live in a (paytreercoal) society, women can consider themselves free, but basedon our society and the categories that we are put in we aren't truly free. - Question: after reading this statement, and hearing my intake on it do you still believe that you are a free agent? Why or why not?Breakdown into the 4 sectionsI. Offers specific observations about bodily comportment, physical engagement with things, ways of using the body in performing tasks, and bodily self-image1. Within the first section it just basically talked about how there are typical styles for females to do certain things such as climbing, swimming, hitting, etc. The author states how “a space surrounds us in imagination that we are not free to move beyond; the space available to our movementis a constricted space” (pg 33) women tend to not want to go outside of what is considered normal with the fear of being judged so we trap ourselves into this alternate universe. II. A general phenomenological account of the modalities of feminine bodily comportment and motility.A. transcendence: the experience of the world as something to act on, move, use, manipulate and change according to our will; the experience of the self as active, creative, and productive. B. an-big-u-is transcendence: a transcendence which is at the same time laden with immanenceC. inhibited intentionality: an intentional stance that simultaneously reaches towards a projected end with an “I can” and withholds its full bodily commitment to that end in a self-imposed “I cannot”D. discontinuous unity: a lack of unity both in the self and between the self and its surroundings. E. m-ah-nence: the experience of the body as (to some extent) limited, an object being acted upon by the world; the experience of the self as passive and staticIII. Develops the modalities more in depth in connection with the spatialityrelated to them1. Erik conducts study that shows women choosing to pick indoor settings, with high walls, and enclosures2. Takes me back to my statement about us living in alternatedimensions that are closed in. we intentionally do this to ourselves with every choice we make because that’s what we have been told to do3. This far along and they seem to be too tied up on the studyof the body rather than the outside factors that contribute to the difference between the genders Question: how do the concepts in section 2 and 3 ties together? IV. Helps to better understand the oppression of women and about feminism in this world that requires further investigation 1.the perfect argument and only one that makes perfect sense for why there are differences between males and females. Everything that I stated asa factor to the problem was mentioned2. “she is told that she must be careful not to get hurt, not to get dirty, not to tear her clothes, that the things she desires to do are dangerous for her” (pg 43)- Society makes us believe in these things and sets the standards for how we should carry ourselves outside of work and in work, beauty wise, and physically 3. girls have to stay close to home and have curfews, have to take precautions when they go out, make extra attention to their surroundings4. parents are not usually worried about boys and what they do, don’t have curfews, don’t have to worry about their

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