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UA CJ 240 - Exam 2 Review

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Exam 2 review 1. In this case, the Supreme Court decided that states must honor the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, ensuring that criminal defendants are to be represented by counsel in state criminal trials-not just federal trials.o Gideon v. wainwright 2. Which case highlighted the need for prosecutorial accountability when the prosecutor in the Duke University lacrosse rape case was disbarred after being found guilty of fraud, dishonesty, deceit, and making false statements?o the north Carolina state bar v. Michael b. nifong 3. Recent estimates indicate the presence of ________ drug treatment courts nationwide.o 34004. One of the better known ________ programs is Brooklyn's popular Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison program.o Deferred sentencing 5. In which case did the Supreme Court agree with the defendant's argument that the prosecutor in the case acted vindictively and threatened the defendant's due process rights?o Blackledge v. perry6. In some large prosecutor's offices, several attorneys can be involved in a single case. Critics have claimed that having multiple prosecutors involved in the adjudication process is inefficient. In response, many jurisdictions have implemented what type of programs?o Vertical prosecution 7. Of the 161 federal appeals court judges who were actively serving in the spring of 2013, how many were minorities?o 368. By the time of the Revolution, there were fewer than ________ lawyers in Massachusetts, which had a population of around 200,000, a much smaller ratio than today.o 1009. In Thompson v. Oklahoma, the Supreme Court concluded it would be cruel and unusual punishment to execute a juvenile who committed a capital crime when he was 15 years old. They reached the opposite conclusion in which case?o Stanford v. Kentucky 10. In this case, the defendant argued that the period between his plea and actual imposition of his sentence amounted to a period of "interim probation," that he was "sentenced" before actually receiving is sentence.o People v. avery 11. In ________, the defendant argued that his termination from a drug treatment program violated the Oklahoma constitution's separation of powers provision because the judge who terminated him from the program was a member of the treatment team.o State v. alexander12. The President's Commission gave rise to what has been called the ________ of prosecution in which the prosecutor's office marketed itself as a professional organization equipped to hold offenders accountable by obtaining guilty pleas or trial convictions, or in some cases diverting cases for treatment.o Felony case processor model 13. In which case was the defense attorney able to stop the Bush administration fromtrying a Guantanamo Bay detainee before a military commission?o Hamdan v. rumsfled 14. Approximately what percent of juvenile cases result in detention of the juvenile in the early phases of the justice process?o 20%15. In which case did the Supreme Court rule that the reasonable doubt standard is necessary in juvenile proceedings?o In re

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