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UTD CS 6360 - CS-6360.5u1 SYLLABUS

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CS-6360.5u1 SYLLABUSInstructor Information Prerequisites CS-5343, Algorithm Analysis & Data Structures or equivalent Description Database Design (3 semester hours) Methods, principles, and concepts that are relevant to the practice of database software design. Database system architecture; conceptual database models; relational and object-oriented databases; database system implementation; query processing and optimization; transaction processing concepts, concurrency, and recovery; security. Required Textbook Fundamentals of Database Systems, 7th Edition, R. Elmasri and S. B. Navathe, Addison-Wesley. ISBN-13: 978-0133970777 Note: The 7th Edition is very different from the 6th Edition. Textbook material covered in lecture will be Chapters 1-9, and Chapters 14-20. Course:CS-6360.5u1 Database DesignInstructor:Chris Irwin DavisTerm:Summer 2019Lecture Time:7:00PM-9:15PMLecture Location:ECSN 2.110Name:Chris Irwin DavisEmail Address:[email protected] Phone:(972) 883-3574Office Location:ECSS 4.603Office Hours:1:45PM-2:45PM Mon!1:45PM-2:45PM TueOther Information:All course content on eLearningGrading Scale and Assignment Weight of Coursework !Grade Change Petitions Any student wishing to petition for a grade change of an assignment or exam has exactly one calendar week from the time the grade is posted to initiate request. •Homework and Programming Project grade change petitions should be directed to the TA. •Exam grade change petitions should be directed to the instructor. Extra Credit No additional individual work can be assigned for extra credit. Only work that is assigned to the entire class may be considered and counted toward a course grade. Final Course Grades Final course grades are calculated as a 0-100% scale based on the Scale and Assignment Weight of Coursework above, then mapped to and submitted as letter grades. Mapping of grade percentage to a letter grade for the overall course grade is per the published university graduate catalog: *"Failure"for"non-a.endance"AreaWeightHomework and Participation5%Programming Assignments25%Midterm Exam30%Final Exam (comprehensive)40%Total100%%Letter GradeGPA Credit≥ 94A4.000[ 90 – 94 )A-3.670[ 87 – 90 )B+3.330[ 84 – 87 )B3.000[ 80 – 84 )B-2.670[ 77 – 80 )C+2.330[ 74 – 77 )C2.000< 74F0.000—NF*0.000General Course Policies •Course Content -eLearning is the official information portal for this course. -All course assignments, announcements, schedule, homework, lecture slides, discussion group, and grades will be communicated via eLearning. -All course content copyrights are owned by the UT System. All rights reserved. -It is a copyright violation to share, email, or post any course content—either digitally or hardcopy—with anyone other than classmates registered for the course during the same semester as you. •Attendance •All lecture attendance will be tracked. •Missing three consecutive unexcused absences, results in your final course grade being reduced by one letter grade (e.g. A- reduced to B-, B reduced to C). •Missing a total of five unexcused absences, results in an automatic grade of F. •Documented absences for health, bereavement, or religious holidays do not count as unexcused absences against the policies above. •If you are not able to attend a lecture for any reaswon, you are responsible for any information communicated during that class, including but not limited to: lecture notes, assignments, announcements, and schedule changes. •If you decide to drop the class, be sure to officially drop or withdraw from the course. Otherwise, you risk receiving an ‘F’ or ‘NF’ for the course. •Email Communication -All email communication with the instructor must be sent from your valid UTD email address. This is for your protection to prevent others from gaining personal information about you by faking your identity. -All email communication with the instructor must include the course number and section as the first text in the subject line, formatted exactly as it is in the header of this syllabus. There is a hyperlink on the eLearning Course Homepage that will automatically launch a new email with this required subject. -Any email that does not adhere to these requirements risks delayed or non-response. •Academic Integrity -All submissions must be your own work. Students guilty of plagiarism will receive zero credit for the plagiarized work and may be subject to further academic penalties, per university policy. -UTD Comet Creed – This creed was voted on by the UT Dallas student body in 2014. It is a standard that Comets choose to live by and encourage others to do the same: !“As a Comet, I pledge honesty, integrity, and service in all that I do.”Homework and Participation •All Homework assignments shall be submitted online through eLearning. •Homeworks are due before the deadline time passes. e.g. an assignment that is due at 11:59PM is LATE if the time stamp is 11:59PM. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit. The unpredictability of your internet connection is not a valid excuse for a late submission."•Answer keys to homework will be visible online automatically after the submission deadline passes. Therefore, late Homework cannot be accepted and will be assigned zero credit (0 points). •Submit incomplete work before the deadline for partial credit. Multiple Homework submissions are permitted before the deadline. Programming Assignments •All programming assignments shall be submitted online through eLearning. •Late programming assignments are not accepted. Midterm Exam and Final Exam •The Midterm and Final Exam are both closed book and closed notes. •The Final Exam will be comprehensive, although more weight will be given to material presented after the midterm. •Both the Midterm and Final Exam will be administered in the UTD Testing Center -You will be required to reserve a seat in advance in order to guarantee being able to sit for an exam. ( -All Testing Center policies apply with respect to items that are disallowed (jackets, pencil boxes, bottled water, etc.). •The Midterm and Final Exam will not be returned. They will be kept on file by the instructor for one additional semester. Anyone wishing to review his/her exam can speak to the instructor during published office hours or make a separate, private

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