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Middle East ENG 211 - Academic Oral Presentation Skills

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ENG 211 ACADEMIC ORAL PRESENTATIONSKILLS Course Outline Cou r se D es cri p ti o n English 211 is an oral presentation course designed with the aim of equipping students with theessential speaking skills they need to cope with the English language as medium of instruction. Therefore,the course revolves around two main focuses: Academic speaking and presentation skills. To this end, thecourse offers a theme-based approach where all four skills are integrated to foster various speakingopportunities.Course Aims & ObjectivesSPEAKING:-Building speaking confidence-Adjusting language to spoken discourse-Using appropriate transitions and signpostsIntegrating literature research into a presentation-Expressing and supporting opinionsPreparing & using audio-visual aids-Delivering a speech/presentation-Presenting information in an organized way-Asking and answering questions-Giving an oral synthesis -Reacting to an idea-Taking part in discussions and debates -Using correct pronunciation, stress and intonationREADING:-Reading for the main idea-Reading for specific information-Making inferences & interpretations-Reading between the lines-Identifying different opinions vocabulary-Evaluating different viewpoints-Making connections between ideas -Reading extensively to gather data-Expanding vocabulary & activating passiveLISTENING: WRITING:-Listening between the lines-Listening for specific information-Listening for the main idea-Note taking-Synthesizing-Paraphrasing-Summarizing-Reflective writingCourse MaterialDuzan, C., & Yalçın, E. (2014). The Compass - Route to Academic Speaking. Ankara: Nüans METUOpenCourseWare: h tt p :// o c w . me t u . e d u .t r /c o ur s e / v ie w . p h p ? id = 2 5 2Requirements•The course requires regular attendance and active participation.•If you do not do the final presentation, you will be given an “NA” grade.•Meet presentation deadlines and be in class on the day you are assigned to present. Students with unexcused absences (those who do not have an official medical report) will not be given a makeup.•You are expected to upload your Marketing, Science & Technology and final presentation slidesto Tu r ni ti n . If you fail to submit your slides, y our presentat i o n w i l l not be gr a d e d . To learn moreabout the Turnitin requirements, make sure you refer to the MLD website. Final Presen t at i o n Here are some important points about the final presentation. For more information, make sure you followthe MLD webpage.• You will need to make r e ser v at i ons for the final presentations choosing the date and the time youwish to present.• To make reservations for the final presentations, you will have to submit your M a rke t ing &S cience and T ech n ology P rese n tat i on t o pics to the system, which will allow all the instructorsto see it.• Yo u wi ll n o t be a l l o w e d to pre s e n t o n y o ur market i ng & scienc e and t e c h n o log ypresentation topics in the f inal pre s e n ta t ions even if you choose a different organizationalpattern.• If you have a valid excuse (medical report etc.) for a make-up, please notify t he M LDadmi n ist r a t i on i m med i ately so t h a t y o u r pr e senta t ion can be res c h e d u le d . Note that theadministration will ask you to make your final presentation (within the working days) right afterthe last date indicated on the sick report.Academic IntegrityMLD requires all students to observe the highest ethical standards in their academic work. Students whoengage in unethical practices and/or conspire with others will fail the course and their department willbe informed about the case.AssessmentMarketing PresentationScience and Technology Presentation10%20%Speaking Task 1Speaking Task 2Reflection TaskSpeech Analysis Report5%5%5%5%MIDTERM EXAMFINAL

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