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QCC CHM 124 - Redox Titration Iron and Manganese

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Alferid Hussin ShifaCHM (Course 124) (Section 01)Lab (9) Nov 14/2019Lab 9: Redox Titration Iron and ManganeseObjective: The purpose of this experiment is to used an redox titration to analyzing an unknown sample for how much iron(II) the sample contains.List of chemicals, & hazard:- 0.02 M KMnO4- FeSO4- 1M H2SO4List of Chemicals with Safety Hazard: There are Hazards chemicals in this experiment.I. Safety Precautions:- Be cation when handling the solutionsII. Waste Disposal:- Disposal the mixtures in the sink, or into the appropriate waste beaker.List of Equipment:Erlenmeyer flask (125 mL) Pipet aid & disposable pipet’s (Three of 10 mL)Beaker (for waste) Scale Distilled water BurettePre-Lab Questions:None1Procedure in short: 1. Add enough 0.02 M KMnO4 solution to fill a clean burette. 2. Weigh out exactly 0.42 g of FeSO4 and transfer it into Erlenmeyer flask. Then add 10 mLof distilled water and swirl the flask to dissolve. 3. Add 5 mL of H2SO4 to the flask.4. Begin Titrating with 0.02 M KMnO4 while swirling constantly.5. As only slight purple color is visible, stop the reaction and record the final volume.6. repeat the titration ResultTRIALS Initial MnO-14 MLFinal MnO4-1 MLVolume of MnO4-1 needed to titrate Fe2+ (the difference between the initial and the final) 1 0 18 182 0 18.2 18.22Post lab None Any specific observations:- No specific observations were madeConclusion:- The objective of this lab was to observe and analyze the process of a redox reaction through the finding of the molarity of an unknown solution. As seen in the redox reaction, Fe(2+) was oxidized into Fe(3+), while MnO4(-) was reduced into Mn(2+). It can therefore be seen that Fe(2+) was the reducing agent and that MnO4(-) was the oxidizing agent. The balanced equation for the redox reaction in acidic solution is as follows:5Fe(2+) + MnO4(-) + 8H(+) --> 5Fe(3+) + Mn(2+) +

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