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Carol KinneyPrinciples of Human Nutrition 2030Fall 2018Sophomore Nutrition Forks Over Knives Documentary AnalysisWhen I first began watching Forks Over Knives, it got me interested immediately. I wanted to see how Lee Fulkerson’s health improves after seeing Dr. Matt Lederman and Dr. Alona Pulde. Lee was told to start eating a plant-based diet to see results. As I was watching the movie, the more I realized that the overall message was how Americans need to stop eating animal products like dairy and meat in order to live a longer life. There were many studies shownin the movie to prove these results. One of the studies conducted by Dr. Colin Campbell was on rats. Half of the rats in his study were fed 20% casein while the other half were fed 5% casein. I did not know what casein was but learned in the movie that casein is the main protein in dairy products. After about 12 weeks of the study, it showed that rats eating the 20% casein had great levels of liver cancer tumor growth while the rats eating only 5% protein had no evidence of cancer at all. To make the study more accurate, Dr. Campbell switched the rat’s diets back and forth between the 5% and 20%. The rat’s levels would increase and decrease depending on the protein given. What I thought was very interesting from this study was how Dr. Campbell said it’s like a light switch. We can turn on and off the cancer growth by adjusting the protein level. I never thought about how unhealthy dairy, milk, and animal protein can be until this movie. In the movie when our death rates in certain diseases were compared to other countries…I was very surprised by the differences. Like how the death rates in the U.S. in 1978 for breast cancer were 82 times higher than Kenya. Mostly because the diets in Kenya did not require any meats. Dr. Campbell once talked about how we think it is a lot cheaper to buy unhealthy foods versus healthy food. However, the fatty foods then effect our health which increases our medical bills. After Dr. Campbell saying that, the more I thought about how we really could save a lot more money if we ate healthier. We would then spend less on doctor’s visits and medications. San’dera, another person in the movie who was living in a bad diet. After she spoke with Dr. Esselstyne and taking his recommendations, her health improved dramatically. She used to take expensive prescription drugs every day and rely on them but now she believes that nutrition is her new medication. I strongly believe this because many things in life can be affected by the way you eat. Joey Acoin also changed his life around by changing his eating habits. He had a dangerously high cholesterol level but that improved drastically after eating a more plant-based diet. He said after living in a healthier lifestyle, he feels more energetic and sleeps better at night.Joey was also taking expensive pills everyday but has ended that and feels better. After learning the changes that San’dera, Joey Acoin, and Lee Fulkerson made to live a healthier life, it makes me believe that the more plant-based diet does really work. The plant-based diet can help decrease one’s blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight, and even medical bills. As watching this movie some questions popped to mind, such as, how in the world did we think that butter should be a food group? I thought that was crazy that butter used to be a foodgroup, but it does show how much we have learned over the decades. It makes me wonder how long until we make a completely new food plan because in the future the diet plan we have now may be completely unhealthy, like how we thought butter should be a food group. Another question was how did San’dera work in an outpatient facility for diabetics while she haddiabetes. It is ironic that she works at a facility for diabetics and makes me wonder how she let her health get bad when she had the help right in front of her every day. This movie can be applied on a personal level in many ways. This movie can be for people that are struggling with weight loss and eating healthy. This movie would be great for them because it explains how eating poorly can lead to many deadly diseases. It also does a goodjob of explaining how a poor lifestyle does not only affect you, it affects other people in your life. I thought that was really important because if I was eating unhealthily and it was affecting those that I care about, I would turn my life around immediately. The movie also documents real people changing their eating habits and showing the positive outcomes of the changes. The people even explain how changing your eating habits is not easy at all, but it is worth it. The movie keeps it very realistic. The movie can also get on a personal level for older people becauseit shows how it is never too late to change your lifestyle. One of my favorite parts in the movie was when it was talking about the 70-year-old woman named Ruth. Ruth sets a great example forthose that are older because she was a cancer survivor and explains how she is still living because she started to eat differently. Even though Ruth is 70-years-old, she still is active and runs in marathons. Overall, everyone should watch this movie because it shows how important nutrition is inlife. I learned that eating a more plant-based diet can help you live a longer and healthier life. Also learned that it is never too late to make a change and how that change can affect not only you but other

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