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Carol Kinney11/16/18Fall 2018NUTR 2030Speaker I really enjoyed this presentation because Caitlin Davis has really made me want to look more into sports nutrition. When Caitlin said she was an Olympic dietician at Clemson I was surprised Clemson even had this. I thought it was interesting when she said that when she was our age, she had no idea what she wanted to do with nutrition and she did not know anything about sports nutrition until she was a senior. I learned that good nutrition is energy balance, nutrient density, health, body composition and performance, and outcome based sustainable. These are things we have learned in class, so ittells me that things we learn in class do relate to the real world. She also mentioned how they useSMART goal which I was surprised because I thought that was always just something, we learned in class, but nutritionist do use that method with others. I have always thought being a sports nutritionist would mean you have to always be with the whole team to teach them, but Caitlin explained how she does a lot of one on one sessions with each athlete. I learned that Clemson does a CP3 program for athletes which I thought was very interesting and how they provide them fatigue watches to help track their sleeping patterns. I love how they do grocery tours and lots of hands on hand activities to make it more interesting for athletes. Caitlin explained how they sometimes go to dining halls with the athletes to help them making it more personal and a good way to bond with the athletes. They also do cooking classes with the sports teams so they can learn how to cook on their own and it is a great way to bond. I think this is a great way for athletes to actually understand how nutrition works because they are not only getting help by coaches every day, but they can apply the knowledge on their own.I never thought about how it is hard for people to nourish themselves when transferring from home to college because at home we are provided by our parents. So many times people come to college and do not know how to eat right because they have never had to do it on their own. I never knew the Tiger Fuel station existed and it is a great way for athletes to get the right nutrients they need. Sports dieticians do not only work with the team and other dieticians but also with the whole support team. Like weight lifting coaches, support coaches, and other people that are a part of the support team. I really enjoyed this presentation because I really did not know how involved sports dieticians can be because I did not know they do one on one sessions with each athlete. I think it is also interesting how creative it can get to teach athletes about nutrition. I would like to work with this type of setting because I have been an athlete my whole life and have a good idea of what it is

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