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UMass Amherst SPANISH 110 - New Deal Fights the Depression

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HOMEHelpCh.15, View by ChapterCh.15, In-Depth ResourcesAnswerSpanishThe New Deal 53© McDougal Littell Inc. All rights reserved.Name DateGUIDED READING A New Deal Fights the DepressionSection 1A. As you read about President Roosevelt’s New Deal, take notes to answer questionsabout each new federal program. The first one is done for you.B. On the back of this paper, explain who Huey Long was and why he is a significanthistorical figure.CHAPTER15Federal Program What was its immediate purpose? What was its long-term goal?1. Emergency Banking Relief Act(EBRA)2. Glass-Steagall Banking Act of19333. Federal Securities Act4. National Industrial RecoveryAct (NIRA)5. Agricultural Adjustment Act(AAA)6. Tennessee Valley Authority(TVA)7. Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC)8. Federal Emergency ReliefAdministration (FERA)9. Public Works Administration(PWA)10. Civil Works Administration(CWA)11. Home Owners Loan Corporation(HOLC)Farm Relief/Rural DevelopmentBusiness Assistance and ReformEmployment ProjectsHousingAuthorized the TreasuryDepartment to inspect and closebanksTo restore public confidence inbanksAnswer KeyChapter 15, Section 1GUIDED READINGA. Possible answers:1. Immediate: (Provided) Long-Term: (Provided)2. Immediate: Established theFDICLong-Term: To restore publicconfidence in banks3. Immediate: Required corpora-tions to provide complete infor-mation on all stock offerings Long-Term: To restore publicconfidence in the stock market4. Immediate: Set prices; estab-lished labor standardsLong-Term: To ensure fair busi-ness practices and to promoteindustrial growth 5. Immediate: Paid farmers tolower productionLong-Term: To raise crop prices(and, thus, farm income)6. Immediate: Built and repaireddams and other projects in theTennessee Valley Long-Term: To create prosperi-ty in the impoverishedTennessee Valley region7. Immediate: Put young men towork on road-building and con-servation projects Long-Term: To reduce unem-ployment8. Immediate: Provided directrelief for the needyLong-Term: To provide for thebasic needs of the people hithardest by the Depression 9. Immediate: Provided money tostates to create jobsLong-Term: To reduce unem-ployment10. Immediate: Provided 4 millionimmediate jobsLong-Term: To reduce unem-ployment11. Immediate: Provided govern-ment loans to homeowners whofaced foreclosure Long-Term: To help familieskeep their homesB. Students should identify HueyLong as a spokesman for thepoor; a governor of Louisianaand, later, its U.S. Senator; andan early supporter of the NewDeal who turned againstRoosevelt. His Share OurWealth proposal was extremelypopular nationwide. He wasassassinated in 1935 at theheight of his

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