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NMSU ICT 463 - Advanced Linux and Python Scripting

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12/18/2019 Syllabus for 2019 Fall - ICT-463-M70-COMP SYS ADM 1/4Course SyllabusJump to TodayCourse SyllabusICT 463 Advanced Linux and Python.2018 Fall SemesterOFFICE HOURS 9:30 - 11:00am Tue and Thur.OFFICE LOCATION Anderson Hall - Rm. 1103 TEXT BOOK (1 Website, 1 PDF)Python 3 Tutorial ( for Unix and Linux Administrators( ( ( URL Use the email in canvas or submit to discussion boardAdditional Required Resources INFORMATION DISSEMINATION/TESTING/HOMEWORK Canvas will be used as the primary interface for course. Course Requirements and grading will bedone through Canvas using the course content tool, chat room, discussion board and e-mail. Testing andcoursework will be done through Canvas. There will be no formal lectures for this course but instructionalvideos will supplement the course material as the instructor sees fit.DEPARTMENT OBJECTIVES The Information and Communication Technology curriculum at New Mexico State University hasbeen designed to instill graduates with the technical and project management skills necessary to entercareers in the design, application, installation, operation and/or maintenance of computer systems, networks,and telecommunications systems dedicated to the processing and transfer of information. Graduates of thebaccalaureate degree typically have strengths in the building, testing, operation and maintenance of existing12/18/2019 Syllabus for 2019 Fall - ICT-463-M70-COMP SYS ADM 2/4hardware and software systems, and are well prepared for design, development, and management.DEPARTMENT OUTCOMESGraduates of the Information and Communication Technology and Engineering Technology programs mustdemonstrate knowledge and hands-on competence appropriate to the goals of the program in:• The application of computer and network hardware, operating systems, system and networkadministration, programming languages, applications software, and databases in the building, testing,operation, and maintenance of hardware and software systems • The application of electrical, electronic, telecommunications, and digital signal propagation fundamentalsin the building, testing, operation, and maintenance of hardware and software systems. Additionally graduates must demonstrate:• The ability to design, implement, maintain and provide for the security of facilities involved with theprocessing and transfer of information . • The ability apply project management techniques to facilities that process and transfer information.COURSE OBJECTIVESIntroduce students to the following. • Examination of the Application layer protocols on the OSI stack and software that manages the protocolsin an enterprise environment. • Students will improve their skills in problem analysis, computing environment awareness, networkingskills, and problem resolution.GRADINGGrades will be the result of a combination of quizzes, lab assignments, exams and projects.Assignments: All assignments are expected to be completed in a manner that would be acceptable in aprofessional work environment. This manner includes technical content, correct form, grammar, spelling,media, presentation, etc.Exams : Will be posted in the Quiz module.Labs: Will be posted in the Assignment module and done on a Virtual Environment or on the class server.Projects: Specifications for the projects assigned will be posted in Canvas. The instructor reserves the rightto make substitutions and modifications to the grading scale during the first two months of the course.Grade Breakdown by Assignment types:Class Assignments - 40% *Late assignments will lose 10% of the grade points for every weekthey're late.Quizzes - 40%Final Exam - 20%What Can You Expect From Me?As your instructor I am actively engaged in the instruction of this course. If I am going to be on the road I’ll let youknow ahead of time. I will try to respond to email within 8 hours but it may take up to 48 hours if I am on the road. My12/18/2019 Syllabus for 2019 Fall - ICT-463-M70-COMP SYS ADM 3/4Course Summary: Date DetailsSun Aug 25, 2019Git Tutorial( by 11:59pmFri Aug 30, 2019Create a Gitlab account( by 11:59pmSun Sep 1, 2019VirtualBox Tutorial( by 11:59pmMon Sep 2, 2019Virtual Machines( by 11:59pmSun Sep 22, 2019Grocery App 1( by 11:59pmSun Sep 29, 2019Python lists( by 11:59pmWed Oct 9, 2019Quiz1( by 11:59pmgoal is to provide weekly feedback on your graded work. I’ll do that in the Gradebook. My goal is also to turnassignments related work around in 2-3 days after the due date. If I need to change that I’ll let you know.PROFESSIONAL ETHICSIt is the duty of each student to develop and maintain a high level of personal and professional ethics. Withthis goal in mind, departmental policy states that students found guilty of cheating (copying, plagiarism,unauthorized collaboration or un-cited references, etc.) will be suspended from the university. Unlessotherwise stated, all assignments are individual assignments. View Student Handbook for information on conduct.DISABILITIES, HANDICAPS, SPECIAL CONDITIONSIf anyone has any condition which would impede their access to the material in this course, or their learningthe material as it is normally presented, I invite to confidentially disclose this condition so that we may seekremedy. If you have, or believe you have a disability, you may wish to self-identify. You can do so byproviding documentation to the Office of Disabled Student Programs located at

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