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Purdue CHM 11500 - PARTE Week 2

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Page 1 of 4 CHM 11500 PARTE Wed. Aug. 28, 2019 (Week 2) 1. Which of the following is not a correct prefix and corresponding multiple? a. kilo, 103 b. deci, 10-1 c. milli, 10-3 d. nano, 10-6 e. centi, 10-2 2. The following mathematical operation should be correctly displayed as: 15.060 x 1.62 = a. 24.4 b. 24.40 c. 24.397 d. 24.3972 e. 24.39720 3. Diamond, made from elemental carbon, has a density of 3500 kg/m3. What is the density expressed in units of g/cm3? (1 m3 = 106 cm3) a. 0.0035 g/cm3 b. 3.5 g/cm3 c. 35 g/cm3 d. 350 g/cm3 e. 3,500,000 g/cm3 4. The density of lead is 11.4 g/cm3 at 25oC. What is the volume of 25.0 g of lead? a. 2.19 cm3 b. 0.456 cm3 c. 2.85 cm3 d. 1.24 cm3 e. 6.05 cm3Page 2 of 4 5. Diamonds are measured in carats; 1 carat = 0.200 g. The density of diamond is 3.51 g/cm3. What is the volume of a 3.0-carat diamond? a. 0.285 cm3 b. 1.71 x 10-1 cm3 c. 5.85 cm3 d. 5.85 x 10-2 cm3 e. 2.11 cm3 6. How many neutrons does an atom of carbon-14 have? a. none b. 6 c. 7 d. 8 e. 9 7. Which two of the atoms below have the same number of neutrons? 3416S, 3216S, 3517Cl,3818Ar (a) 3416S and 3216S (b) 3216S and 3517Cl (c) 3416S and 3517Cl (d) 3216S and 3818Ar (e) 3517Cl and 3818Ar 8. Isotopes are atoms of the same element that differ in a. the number of neutrons b. the number of protons c. the number of electrons d. the atomic numberPage 3 of 4 9. What would be the formula for the atom or ion that contains 18 electrons, 16 protons, and 16 neutrons? a. S2− b. Ar c. S d. O2− e. Se2− 10. Which of the following represents the formula for barium chloride? (a) BaCl (b) Ba2Cl (c) Ba2Cl2 (d) BaCl2 (e) Ba2Cl3 11. After an atom has lost an electron it becomes a/an ________ and has a ________ charge. A. anion, positive B. isotope, negative C. anion, negative D. cation, positive E. nucleus, positive 12. Sodium oxide combines violently with water. Which of the following gives the formula and the bonding for sodium oxide? A. NaO, ionic compound B. NaO, covalent compound C. Na2O, ionic compound D. Na2O, covalent compound E. Na2O2, ionic compound 13. Calcium hydroxide is used in mortar, plaster, and cement. What is its formula? A. CaOH B. CaOH2 C. Ca2OH D. Ca(OH)2 E. CaHO2Page 4 of 4 14. Which of the following has the largest number of O atoms? (a) 1.75 g O2 (b) 2.9 x 1024 molecules of CO (c) 1.5 moles of H2O (d) 25 mL of 1.25 M H2O2 (e) 55 mg of CO2 15. Which of the following contains the greatest number of atoms? (a) 1 mole of S8 molecules (b) 2 moles of P4 molecules (c) 4 moles of chlorine gas molecules (d) All of these contain the same number of atoms. (e) Only (a) and (b) contain the same number of atoms. 16. Calculate the number of oxygen atoms in 29.34 g of sodium sulfate, Na2SO4. (a) 1.98 x 1026 O atoms (b) 1.166 x 1025 O atoms (c) 2.915 x 1024 O atoms (d) 4.976 x 1023 O atoms (e) 1.244 x 1023 O atoms 17. Sodium bromate (NaBrO3) is used in a mixture which dissolves gold from its ores. Calculate the mass in grams of 4.68 mol of sodium bromate. A. 706 g B. 482 g C. 383 g D. 32.2 g E. 0.0310 g 18. Calculate the number of oxygen atoms in 29.34 g of sodium sulfate, Na2SO4. A. 1.244 × 1023 O atoms B. 4.976 × 1023 O atoms C. 2.409 × 1024 O atoms D. 2.915 × 1024 O atoms E. 1.166 × 1025 O

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