Fifty States and 90,000 Local Governments I

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Fifty States and 90,000 Local Governments I

A look at population and how it affects policies and services. In-depth review of Texas state services.

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Texas A&M University
Pols 207 - State & Local Goverment

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POLS 207 1st Edition Lecture 1 Outline of Current Lecture II. Population and its affect of policies A. Household Income Statistics B. Why has the population changed? III. Texas State Services IV. Texas State Government Current Lecture Population Population increases are different if you divide by ethnic groups. It is steady when looked at as a whole. More foreign-born than native-born that make-up the population. Population is important because it has an impact on politics – especially public policy. Different people are interested in different policies – so a changing demographic will alter public policy. White population is decreasing.  Whites are no longer the majority in Texas.  Predictions state that Texas may change from Republican to Democrat without two Presidential elections. - It is predicted that in 2030, the majority population of Texas will be Hispanic. It is the fastest growing minority. - The main reason that the Hispanic population is growing is that they provide cheap labor and therefore they are hugely in demand by various companies. - Asians are a very small minority and below average in Texas population. - They propel educational expectations of Americans – they are often high achievers that Americans must strive to meet. - 1 in 2 Asian Americans have a degree. Compared to 1 in 4 on average for whites. - This is because SES (social economic status) is very important to Asian Americans. - However, white people have the highest per capita income despite being secondary to Asian Americans in educational standards. Potentially due to the glass ceiling for many minorities and the lack of connections. Household Income Statistics: - Asian will have a higher household income than whites. Theoretically this is because of their culture – they still live under the same household as their parents etc. Even when the first born son gets married, they will stay with their parents because it is their responsibility to look after them. - Fertility levels – Hispanic have the highest, so they are the fastest growing. People who are uneducated have more children – because those who are educated are putting it off, they are putting off marriage etc. often for their careers.

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