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8th International Conference on Accelerator Large Experimental Physics Control Systems 2001 San Jose California THAP035 EMBEDDED DISTRIBUTION MODULAR CONTROL SYSTEMS WITH NETWORK INTERCONNECTIONS V I Vinogradov INR RAS Moscow Russia previously occupied entire boards which could be limited by single large scale integration chips but later became a single chip microcomputer or DSP PC 104 and PC 104 Plus modules tend to be made from standard PC desktop and laptop components supported by embedded Linux PC 104 Plus adds the PCI bus using a board to board bus 120 pin There was growing interest in IBM PC compatibility in embedded and non desktop PC based systems PC chipset and peripherals compatibility could produce lower cost simpler and easier to support PC compatibility gives advantage of the PC s OS MS DOS Windows Linux language and tools With new interfaces USB FireWire Bluetooth architectures MIPS PowerPC ARM and OS RTLinux RTEMS the embedded SBC platform was better for embedded modular RT Systems increasing embedded intelligence many require user friendly graphical speech interfaces growing need for any electronic devices to be interconnected TCP IP PPP HTTP FTP USB is replacing the serial parallel and PS 2 ports Ethernet is everywhere and FireWire IEEE 1394 is beginning to be used Processors numerous highly integrated ARM MIPS PowerPC and x86 based application oriented system on chip are being developed Linux is used in all computing offering a low cost open source solution with support for open standards networking communications Internet and others Compact Modular Systems on the base of small Industry Computer System ICS MB with 2 slots are proposed as embedded Controller Stations CS and Working Virtual Stations VS interconnected by Ethernet 10 100 TCP IP in Distributed networks Each VS is based on Windows or and Linux and each CS is based on RT Linux oriented to DAQ Monitoring and Control One of two PCI slots is used for DSP based DAQ and Control module The

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