Industrialization continued

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Industrialization continued

This lecture covers the many industries and innovations that were a result of industrialization.

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Hist 106 - History Of The U S
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HIST 106 2nd Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I. US behind in Industrialization II. Reasons why Industrial growth began in the US III. Railroads IV. Cornelius Vanderbilt and his legacy V. John D. Rockefeller Outline of Current Lecture I. Emerging Industries II. John D. Rockefeller III. Rise of Monopolies IV. Inventions V. The consumer society Current Lecture  Emerging industries o Steel industry will not be covered because you have to read about it in the book o Oil industry  The oil industry started in Pennsylvania (there is a lot of coal in the area and there was oil there as well)  The oil was very close to the surface and Pennsylvania will be one of the first places to have an oil boom  The two biggest oil producers of that time were Pennsylvania and Poland  The first uses of oil for heating and lighting homes (oil lamps)  Since it was founded in the eastern US where the railroads are, the oil products were spread everywhere very quickly  The beginning of kerosene lamps

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