Introduction to Reconstruction

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Introduction to Reconstruction

This lecture introduces reconstruction in the US and the types of reconstruction that took place.

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HIST 106 2nd Edition Lecture 1 Outline of Current Lecture I. Reconstruction II. Election of 1876 Current Lecture  Where the United States is at the end of reconstruction o 1865-end of the Civil War  The war had been very brutal (the bloodiest conflict in the history of the United States because it was only US soldiers being killed) and had made a great dent in the population of the US  Many opinions on what should be done with the south (the Union had won the war)  A lot of Radical Republicans thought that the south needed to pay for the war that they had started due to their secession  They felt that the south should not be readmitted to the Union and be a conquered territory o Lincoln’s approach to Reconstruction  Lincoln had a softer approach to reconstruction as he did think that some people needed to be punished not by death but by stripping of their political rights  Lincoln also thought that only 10% of the southern population had to swear allegiance to the Union  Lincoln did not live to see his Reconstruction as he was assassinated o Johnson’s approach to Reconstruction  The radical Republicans initially thought that Johnson being put into the presidential seat because Johnson hated plantation owners because they took opportunity away from small farmers  Johnson was easily wooed by the southerners and granted out pardons to everyone  When Johnson was done with his “reconstruction”, there were former high- ranking confederates were back in power in the south

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