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The Crucible


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Omar Vazquez Period 5 12 12 12 Accusations make the world to think irrationally In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller Miller conveys the tyranny of the McCarthy Era and compares it to the Salem Witch Trials When Power is a factor misuse is a definite product Abigail the main antagonist is one example of humans abusing their privileged power In Act 2 Scene 1 Abigail is speaking with John Proctor as she yells Until the last hypocrite is dead Miller No better way to take revenge is the sole idea Abigail has in her insane mind At this point Abigail has been given so much credibility that she abuses her power just to get back at her enemies No matter how awful your enemy is power should be used responsibly This can refer back to how the class would accuse their enemy for having a deep hate for them but power can be corrupted by emotions which is created in Act 2 Scene 1 Abigail felt abused herself by Elizabeth Proctor for being worked to the bone and being in the way between Abigail s and John Proctor s relationship so she used these feelings within her rage of power Power can also be misused within the court because Danforth and Hathorne abuse their positions in court In Act 2 Scene 2 Mr Proctor brings a petition to save Ms Rebecca signed with 91 names from the village Then Mr Parris has the indecency to yell back to Mr Proctor These people should be summoned for questioning this is a clear attack upon the court Then later Hathorne agrees as he says I think they ought to be examined sir This means that the court believes to be superior to the citizens in the village even though the government should uphold to the majority vote Government is a social contract based on the people and the government should make fair laws based on the people but this is not the case Danforth and Hathorne have power in the court and most likely appointed into office by the people Omar Vazquez Period 5 12 12 12 nevertheless these positions are meant to uphold justice but neither of these characters want to follow the people They abuse their power to get it their way also known as selfish pricks To further explain their misuse of power Danforth is the supreme decision for the trials as he is the top judge Afterwards in the same scene Danforth is predominately placing himself above all as he states a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it Meaning that people do not have a choice in the matter between being innocent guilty or pledge silence The accused are placed guilty because of insane power classified them as a criminal based on biblical perspectives The power for Mr Danforth was bestowed upon him to put a stop to these witch trails but he himself goes insane with power for he falsely accuses Mr Corey for just being silent Mr Corey has the right to stay silent and shouldn t be accused for being silent Now that goes against the constitution and nothing is superior to the constitution yet Mr Danforth has the abusive power to jail Mr Corey which he did In conclusion Power is misused because it is bestowed upon the people who believe it was deserved but in reality it was privilege For Abigail Danforth and Hathorne power is just another play toy They can be referred to as McCarthy himself for abusing their power in times of great fear

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