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W G Mills et al ODP Technical Note 33 HYDROGEN SULFIDE DRILLING CONTINGENCY PLAN1 2 William G Mills 3 Mitchell J Malone 3 and Karen Graber3 OVERVIEW Introduction This document guides personnel aboard the JOIDES Resolution in recognizing preparing and mitigating potentially dangerous hydrogen sulfide H2S situations during drilling operations Not all situations can be foreseen on board the JOIDES Resolution nor can detailed instructions be provided for every situation that might be encountered The policies and guidelines set forth in this document should be considered as a minimum set of requirements for preparing and dealing with H2S exposure In addition these policies and guidelines can be used with other heavier than air toxic gases provided that the proper gas detector systems have been installed and calibrated for the specific gas Scope This document supersedes and replaces the two previous Ocean Drilling Program ODP H2S safety documents Technical Note 16 Howard and Reudelhuber 1991 and Technical Note 19 Foss and Julson 1993 This Technical Note is intended to supplement existing ODP and ship operator safety documents This document includes information about the following Identifying classifying and responding to different levels of H2S hazard Preparing to core H2S bearing formations 1 Mills W G Malone M J and Graber K 2006 Hydrogen sulfide drilling contingency plan ODP Tech Note 33 Online Available from World Wide Web http wwwodp tamu edu publications tnotes tn33 INDEX HTM Cited YYYY MMDD 2 See Disclaimer 3 Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Texas A M University 1000 Discovery Drive College Station TX 77845 9547 USA Correspondence author mills iodp tamu edu W G MILLS ET AL ODP TECHNICAL NOTE 33 2 Processing H2S bearing cores Setting up the fixed H2S detection system H2S safety training drills and record keeping Responsibilities and duties of personnel in regard to the policies set forth in this document Technical information about H2S and other gas hazards and

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