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In Class Review

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Phys 012 - Elementary Physics
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Lecture 39 Outline of Last Lecture II. Length Contraction a. Proper length (L0): distance between two points measured by an observer at rest relative to these two points i. L = L0/γ ii. Ex) Pole in a barn paradox: A runner is moving at 0.75c carrying a pole 15m long toward a barn that is 10 m wide. A ground observer (stationary relative to the barn) can open and close both doors simultaneously via remote control. Will the pole fit in the barn? 1. For ground observer: Lpole = L0/γ = 15 m √(1-[(0.75c)2/c2]) = 9.9 m a. Pole will fit in barn (9.9 m < 15 m). 2. For runner: Lbarn = L0/γ = 10 m √(1-[(0.75c)2/c2]) = 6.6 m a. Pole will not fit in barn (10m > 6.6m). 3. Simultaneity is not constant, but is relative. Even though the barn doors close simultaneously for the stationary observer, they do not close simultaneously for the runner. For the runner, there is always one door open where the pole can stick out of. b. Relativistic Addition of Velocities i. vAC = (vAB + vBC)/(1+[vABvBC/c2] Outline of Current Lecture III. Review: Lenses and Mirrors Lens Mirrors di negative Virtual image, same side as object, upright Virtual image, behind mirror, upright f negative Diverging (double concave) Convex m negative Inverted image Inverted image IV. Review: Relativistic Energy a. E = mc2/√(1-[v2/c2]) b. Kinetic energy = E – E0 i. E0 = rest energy (energy associated with anything with mass) V. Review: RC Circuits a. τ = RC b. For parallel plate capacitor: C = Aε0/d Physics 012 1st Edition

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