Social Influence

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Social Influence

Lecture Notes 20: includes what and how there's a social influence on people and gives an overview of social norms as well as conformity and compliance

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University Of Connecticut
Psyc 1103 - General Psychology II (Enhanced)

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PSYCH 1103 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I. Cognitive theories of prejudice cont. II. Implicit association test III. Reducing prejudice a. Contact hypothesis b. Caveats c. Jigsaw technique IV. Interpersonal attraction V. Attraction a. Proximity b. Positive atmosphere c. Rewarded in their presence d. Similarity e. Physical attractiveness VI. Intimate relationships a. Interdependence between partners b. Commitment c. Types of love VII. Sternberg’s Love Triangle VIII. Marriage a. Marital satisfaction b. “Honeymoon-is-over” effect IX. Predicting marital satisfaction X. Marital satisfaction Outline of Current Lecture I. Social influence II. Social norms a. Definition b. Descriptive norms c. Injunctive norms d. Reciprocity e. Personal space III. Deindividuation IV. Motivation and others a. Presence of others b. Social facilitation c. Social impairment

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