Total Internal Reflection

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Total Internal Reflection

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Lecture 24 Outline of Last Lecture I. Light traveling through various media will have different speeds, all less than c, the speed of light through a vacuum. a. The frequency of light will remain the same as it travels through various media. b. c = λvacuumf and v = λnf (same frequencies) c. f = c/λvac = v/λn d. λn = (v/c) λvac ; λn will be less than λvac e. index of refraction = n = c/v ; λn = λvac/n II. Snell’s Law a. n1sinθ1 = n2sinθ2 i. n1 = index of refraction for medium 1 ii. θ1 = incident angle (angle between incoming light ray and normal line to plane of medium 1 surface) iii. n2 = index of refraction for medium 2 iv. θ2 = refracted angle (angle between outgoing light ray and normal line to plane of medium 2 surface) b. If n1 > n2, then θ1 > θ2. c. If n1 < n2, then θ1 < θ2. III. Problem: A beam of light with a wavelength of 550 nm (green) traveling in air is incident upon a transparent material. The incident angle is 40 degrees. The refracted beam is 26 degrees to the normal. Assume n = 1 for air. Physics 012 1st Edition

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