Light Rays and Reflection

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Light Rays and Reflection

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Phys 012 - Elementary Physics
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Lecture 21 Outline of Last Lecture I. Problem 28 from ch. 22 a. coil: N = 105, r = 4x10-2, R = 0.48 Ω b. ΔB/Δt = 0.783 T/s c. Bcenter = (Nμ0I)/2r d. ΦB = ΣBΔAcosθ = Bπr2 e. εind = -Nπr2 (ΔB/Δt) f. Iind = |εind|/R = [Nπr2 (ΔB/Δt)]/R g. B = (Nμ0I)/2r = [(N2πrμ0)/2R][ΔB/Δt] = II. Problem 53 from ch. 24 a. A = 135m2, Pavg = 1.2 x 104 W b. Savg = Pavg/A = E2max/2μ0c c. Erms = Emax/√(2) d. Pavg/A = 2E2rms/2μ0c = E2rms/μ0c e. Erms = [(Pavgμ0c)/A]1/2 f. Brms = Erms/c III. Problem 40 from ch.21 a. ΣFx = FB – 2Tsinφ = 0 b. ΣFy = 2Tcosφ –mg = 0 c. φ = tan-1[(ILB)/(mg)] Outline of Current Lecture IV. Light a. particle-wave duality b. from a point source: i. far from point, waves become essentially planar: ii. If λ << d, waves pass straight through a small opening. iii. If λ ≈ d, waves spread out past opening. iv. If λ >> d, waves spread out a lot past opening (diffraction). V. Reflection a. specular reflection i. reflection off of a smooth surface ii. parallel incident light rays will be parallel after reflection b. diffuse reflection Physics 012 1st Edition

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