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The definition, stages, processes and failures of memory are explained and discussed

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Psych 111 - Intro to Psych
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PSYCH 111 1st Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture I Learning a Classical Conditioning b Operant Conditioning c Observational Learning Outline of Current Lecture I II III IV Overview of Memory Memory Stages Memory Processes Memory Failures Current Lecture MEMORY What is memory Mental capacity to retain information Why is memory important Make use of experience Extend time and space Sense of self Maintain relationships What are memory stages Sensory Memory momentary preserver of sensory stimuli Short Term Memory STM Working Memory WM temporary work pad of mind Long Term Memory LTM unlimited preserver of information What is serial position effect Remember first and last things presented most Organizing information for STM Chunking Grouping items Example 7349362067 734 936 2067 735 These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Working Memory Temporary storage space used to manipulate information Limited capacity WM Applications Helps us integrate information Shown to be important to math learning Related to intelligence What is in LTM memory Explicit Declarative Knowledge consciously accessible Implicit Nondeclarative Knowledge not consciously accessible What is encoding Processes involved in getting information into or maintained in memory What are encoding processes Maintenance Rehearsal Rote repetition maintains info in STM Elaborative Rehearsal Linking representations establishes info in LTM 1 Examples of Rehearsal Maintenance Repeating phone number until dialed Elaborative Sound image meaning Levels of Processing SHARK Structural Group Phonemic Group Semantic Group Is word in capital letters Does word rhyme with lark Would word fit in the sentence he fished for a in the sea What is retrieval Recovery of information from LTM What are different retrieval processes Recall reproduction of info is required Recognition only identification of info is required

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