UT HIS 315G - International Sweethearts of Rhythm (2 pages)

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International Sweethearts of Rhythm

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International Sweethearts of Rhythm


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University of Texas at Austin
His 315g - Introduction to American Studies

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HIS 315 1st Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I II III IV Red Channels Malcolm X s Suspicious death History as an exclusionary discourse Women in swing during the war Outline of Current Lecture I International Sweethearts of Rhythm II Midterm REview III Racial Gender relationships IV Jim Crow implications Current Lecture Keyword International Sweethearts of Rhythm Midterm Review Review sheet ready by 2 25 with most of ID s and 4 5 essay questions write 2 Half made of keywords o Obtaining credit 1 2 define the keyword who what when where 1 2 is cultural significance in relation to discussion and context reference a reading for each keyword NEED A BLUEBOOK Review sheet given in advance prep for all answers in advance Phil Spitalny s Hour of Charm Orchestra was the most prominent women s musical group of the time 1934 1954 All white women Classical instrumentation Long white dresses International Sweethearts of Rhythm Americas hottest musical group Documentary Timeframe 1937 later years of the depression beginning of WWII 1949 end of WWII Rated as one of the top 10 bands of the time period few recordings available Mixed race all women swing band that originated as a school band in the Mississippi Delta Prejudiced as women didn t dress with the same eye candy sex appeal that other women s musical group did Melodears These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute The draft took most of the men during the war so women were promoted to higher positions in bands Black bands were prominent early then white bands started to use black arrangements Discouraged formation of cliques and one on one relationships combating stereotypes that all female musical groups are lesbians o Trumpet player called Tiny Davis actually was a lesbian Stayed on the bus when they were on tour because as they toured through the south because there was no place for an integrated group to

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