Ampere's Law

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Ampere's Law

Today we discussed Ampere's Law and went over different applications of the law.

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Lecture 13 Outline of Last Lecture II. Velocity Selector a. The electric field between a parallel plate capacitor is pointing downward with a force equal to qE. b. The magnetic field coming toward observer with a force equal to qvB (pointing upward). c. The particle will move straight through if the forces are equal. i. qvB = qE ii. v = E/B (faster = curves upward, slower = curves downward) III. Problem: A particle accelerates from rest through a potential difference and then enters a magnetic field. Find an expression for the mass of the particle. a. ΔEPE = ΔKE b. qΔV = ½ mv2 c. v = [(2q|ΔV|)/m]½ d. ΣF = qvB = mac e. qB = m/r [(2q|ΔV|)/m]½ f. m = (r2B2q)/(2ΔV) IV. Current through a straight conducting wire in a uniform magnetic field a. Electrons moving downward, feel force to the lef b. F = ILBsinθ V. Torque on a rectangular electrical circuit Phys 012 1st Edition

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