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I have three main options that I am looking at for studying abroad and they would sll be in the spring of 2016. I big reason I am wanting to study abroad and do international business is mainly from my Grandfather. He has lived in over 20 countries and he has told me stories and given me advice and I believe studying abroad would be a very positive experience. My first option would be through Global Leader Scholars. It’s through the Honor’s College in the College of Business, and they go to London where they are able to intern with an international company for the second part of the semester as well as take classes for the first half. I think being able to be exposed to that would be a very big deal for my career and really strengthen my resume. Not many people are even able to get an internship that early on in their career, especially abroad. I would still be taking honors classes while abroad through UT teachers as well. I also love how central London would be to many other places if I wanted to travel on abreak. My second option would be studying in Manchester. My peer mentor in BUAD100 actually told me about this last semester. It is a foreign exchange program and you stay with a host family while you are over there. It’s the cheapest out of my options and if I don’t get into GLS this is what I’ll likely do. Manchester is another big city to go to for business while still being able to stay in a country that speaks decently good English. My last option would be studying abroad in Germany. If I decided to learn German, which I’m currently leaning more towards Spanish or French, I would go here. They too also have a pretty big impact with international business and it is also a little ways away from London which would give me a different type of culture different from a touristy

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