Introducing Psychology

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Introducing Psychology

Lecture Notes 2: include how and why psychology is considered a science, the subfields within psychology, and introduction to the history and methods used in psychology

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Psyc 1103 - General Psychology II (Enhanced)

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PSYC 1103 1st Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Current Lecture I. Is Psychology a Science? a. Definition of Psychology II. Subfields of Psychology a. Clinical b. Developmental c. Social d. Physiological e. Quantitative f. Cognitive g. Industrial/organizational h. Educational/school i. Personality j. Animal k. Evolutionary l. Community m. health III. History and Methods a. Wilhelm Wundt b. Gestaltists c. Sigmund Freud Current Lecture I. Is psychology a science? a. Process b. Measurement c. Theory d. Definition i. Scientific study of behavior and mind ii. Behavior: any overtly observable action at any level of abstraction 1. Walking, speech, IQ score, anxiety symptoms iii. Mind: any covert, unobservable phenomenon that relates the organism to the environment 1. Memory, perception, reasoning, fear II. Subfields of psychology

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