Electric Fields and Forces (18.9,19.1)

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Electric Fields and Forces (18.9,19.1)

Today we discussed electric flux and how it relates to Gauss' Law. We also went over different applications of Gauss' Law. (Cutnell 18.9)

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Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I. Electric Field Strength II. Electric Dipole: consists of two separated point charges that have the same magnitude but opposite signs III. Conventions for Drawing Electric Field Lines a. Field lines are oriented radially outward from positive from positive charges and inward toward negative charges b. Field lines do not cross c. Number of field line going to/coming from a charge reflect charge magnitude (more lines = greater magnitude) d. Direction of field at any point is tangent to field line at that point e. Field is stronger where field lines are closer together Problem: Outline of Current Lecture Physics 012 1st Edition

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