UWEC POLS 110 - Final Exam Study Guide (8 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Fall 2014

Study Guide
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Pols 110 - American National Politics
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POLS 110 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 19 26 Lecture 19 November 17 Define the roles of the president and briefly discuss their importance and Constitutional basis Every nation has a Head of State someone who serves as the official representative of the nation for formal circumstances In some nations it is someone other than the leader but in the U S it is the President It includes awarding medals dedicating buildings etc The President is the Head of the Executive Branch The President s only limits is the budget he has to work with which is approved by Congress the president cannot do anything illegal and any executive orders the president makes only last as long as the president is in office Otherwise the president has a lot of flexibility The President is the Commander in Chief the official head of the U S military They have the final say on all military issues including the deployment of troops and the use of nuclear weapons The President often serves as the focus for legislation The agenda presented in the State of the Union address required by the Constitution often serves as the blueprint for the agenda in Congress The President has the power to kill legislation using vetoes There is the Traditional Veto a list of objections the president has to a bill this can be over ridden by Congress A Pocket Veto only occurs at the end of the Congressional session The Line Item Veto is the power to eliminate parts of a bill without killing the entire bill now Unconstitutional but many Governors have this power The President serves as the clear leader of their political party The President is the foremost representative of the party what it stands for in upcoming elections Being President has significant advantages such as fundraising for the party sending out messages and just general public knowledge of who the leader is of that party The Constitution Expressed Powers Enumerated in Article II Section 2 and 3 They provide a framework for presidential

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