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AAAD 150 1nd Edition Exam # 3 What was Martin Luther King famous for?  He was a famous leader in the Civil Rights Movement; he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He also helped organize the March on Washington where he delivered his “I have a dream” speech. He was also famous for his non-violent tactics during the Civil Rights Movement. Who was A Philip Randolph?  He felt that there was no opportunity for jobs in the defense industry and advocated for more positions for African Americans and threatened Roosevelt with a huge march. Roosevelt didn’t want the big scene so he implemented the Executive Order 8802 which increased jobs in the defense industry. Who was Paul Robeson?  He was a singer, actor and football player who played a big part in the Civil Rights Movement. He also a played part in the Spanish Civil War. He put aside his acting performances to advocate the cause of the Republican forces. Who was Jo Anne Robinson?  She refused to give up her seat in the White’s only section and the bus driver had verbally abused her and she brought the case to her Women’s Political Council but they told her it was a ‘fact of life’. She succeeded to President of the Council and focused the group effort on buses. Who was Robert F. Williams?  He advocated the defense of African Americans during racial tensions and was very into rifles. He created a rifle club which became active in defending blacks against the KKK night-riders. He also integrated the public library and swimming pools in Monroe. What was Bebop Jazz?  A style of jazz characterized by a fast tempo, improvisation and harmonic structure. It became synonymous to modern jazz. It developed as a younger generation of jazz musicians aimed to counter the popular singing style.

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