ECU SOCI 1010 - Final Exam Study Guide (12 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Review from earlier in semester + notes since test 3

Study Guide
East Carolina University
Soci 1010 - Race, Gender, Class
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SOCI 1010 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Previously tested material Terms to know Personal trouble private attributing a problem to the person example unemployment laziness not following policies etc public issue public attributing a problem to something outside the person example unemploymentbudget cuts etc race system of socially created categories based upon superficially biologically transmitted characteristics i Example skin color hair texture eye shape nose shape Ethnicity Socially created by cultural heritage ii Example religion food traditions not physical minority group category of people distinguished by physical or cultural traits who are socially disadvantaged dominant group racial or ethnic category that is socially advantaged prejudice a rigid and irrational generalization about an entire category of people individual discrimination the differential treatment of one person by another institutional discrimination when discrimination permeates some institution or pattern of society white dominant privilege sex physical characteristics ex penis vagina chromosomes testosterone levels etc gender socially created differences between men and women ex hairstyle clothing cosmetics style of earrings etc sexual orientation having to do with sexual emotional and romantic attractions not the same as gender often mistaken for a cue gender identity who am i has nothing to do with society Who you see yourself as May or may not match your sex intersexual those born with ambiguous or unclear genitalia What is sociology i Sociology is both an academic discipline and a unique perspective through which to view the world It s not about what sociologists study but how they study it What are the three characteristics of sociology as an academic discipline i Human behaviors and interactions ii Patterns of behavior 1 Once behavior becomes patterns it shapes society iii Focuses on categories of people 2 Looking at how experiences vary by category What is the sociological

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