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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Arizona
Mus 108 - Survey of Music, Meaning and Culture
Survey of Music, Meaning and Culture Documents
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MUS 108 1nd Edition Final Exam Study Guide Main subjects learned this semester Flamenco Isicathamiya Mbaqanga K pop Oye Mi Canto Reggae West African culture in ties to their music New Latin Wave Indian Popular Music Graceland Within each subject presented during this class you should know o Background both the performers background and the background of the music presented o Key elements key elements that tie the music to the culture and tie the music to the issues occurring in the countries o Vocabulary memorize and know the meaning of each of the terms provided o Artists knows the main artists provided within each country of music and how they influenced the music Also know how these artists influenced the music o Difficulties know the aspects that negatively impacted the artists and the music what obstacles got in the way of the creation and expansion of the music o How do identify and separate each type of music Know the characteristics each genre of music shares and be able to elaborate on what differentiates that area of music from the rest Vocabulary o Appropriation o Collaboration o Commodification o Cultural production o Globalization o Identity o Music festival o Music industry o Musical behavior o Musical elements o Musical tourism o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Transculturation A cappella Call and response Ostinato Improvisation Imbube Isicathamiya Marabi Kwela Mbaqanga Bubblegum Kwaito Globalization Commodification Authenticity Appropriation Collaboration Musical industry Cultural production Cultural exchange Ethical issues Legal issues Music festival WOMAD Fes festival Musical tourism Virtual tourism Distributed tourism Mali Senegal Mande Mandinka people Yoruba people Nigeria Wolof people Jali jeli G w l people Possible short answer exam questions 1 What were Paul Simon s methods for composing Did he compose all of his music in South Africa 2 Should the studio musicians have been paid more Why or why not 3 What was Peter Gabriel most known for composing 4 What were Carol Muller s overall thoughts on Graceland and Paul Simon 5 Peter Gabriel played a significant role in the world music movement as an appropriator and collaborator In which composition did he collaborate with a West African performer 6 Why did Paul Simon ignore the cultural boycott when he traveled to South Africa in 1985 7 Why did Graceland cause such a stir around the world 8 What impact did the album have on South African music 9 Would Graceland have been the same if it weren t for the South African artists that collaborated with him

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