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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Final SG

Study Guide
East Carolina University
Soci 3225 - Urban Sociology
Urban Sociology Documents

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SOCI 3225 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide The Emergence of Scientific Medicine The notion that disease illness are the cause and effect result of observable patterns or relationships among events or phenomena Themes over time 1 2 SUPERNATURAL VS SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS OF DISEASE ALTERNATIVE VS ACCEPTED a Which is which depends upon the prevailing view of the times 3 PREVENTIVE ORIENTATION VS CURATIVE 4 Availability of surplus energy or whether survival alone consumes much of the available human energy leaving little for experimentation or speculation luxuries a Surplus energy follows a food surplus so available resources tied to physical location environmental challenges become important for human cultural evolution Early Humans Early writings didn t exist inferences about health prior to 4000 BC are based upon bone teeth evidence to describe nutrition health and disease patterns o Supernatural Beliefs Spirits sorcerers the notion of balance Social control among the Inuit people not conforming endangered the group by inviting the wrath of the gods o Restore balance through prayer exorcism magic bloodletting drilling holes in of skull to let spirits out Shamans early practitioners who combined herbalism curing ceremonies including ritualistic dances ceremonies Egyptians Physicians evolved into specialists Code of Hammurabi about 1750 BC described the role of physicians Ebers Papyrus document summarizing knowledge offered diagnostic tips prognoses and therapies including 800 different prescriptions Greeks A civilization of advanced and competing city states Religion and health were linked Apollo sun god the god of health medicine Hippocrates Greek physician 460 377 BC noted for 1 Natural rather than supernatural explanations for disease a Symptoms are reactions of the body to disease b Job of physician is to assist the natural forces of the body in healing c Health is mental and physiological balance d Natural elements of the earth are air earth fire and water i

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