UGA KINS 2010 - FInal Exam Review: New Content (2 pages)

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FInal Exam Review: New Content

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FInal Exam Review: New Content


Final Exam Review for content not tested on

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Kins 2010 - Intro to Kins
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KINS 2010 1st Edition Lecture 31 Outline of Last Lecture I What is Sport Management II Three Main Sport Industry Settings III Roles for Sport Management Professionals IV Education and Curricula Outline of Current Lecture I Final Exam Review New Content Current Lecture Final Exam Review New Content Workplace settings for health and fitness careers EAP Employee Assistance Program o Often set up in worksites Refinery Fitness Center commercial workplace setting because it is open 24 7 and a fitness center Sean who is diabetic is guided by his physician to meet regularly with a registered dietician clinical setting Charmin swims laps around a pool at her apartment complex community settings Effective Teaching Behaviors Knowledge the possession of extensive content and pedagogical expertise across various physical activity centers Automaticity the ability to perform one s teaching tasks naturally intuitively and unconsciously throughout the instructional process Flexibility the ability to adapt to changing environmental demands during the instructional process without disruption to the teaching and learning process Problem solving the ability to resolve issues that arise during a class through awareness and carious cues linked to instructional and managerial situations Self evaluation a keen sense of accountability to the teaching and learning process that promotes continual self reflection and upgrading of ones professional practice These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Dimensions of Wellness Social health Intellectual health Physical health Emotional health Spiritual health Professional Practice Knowledge The type of knowledge represented by a fitness leader s skill in motivating his clients to adhere to a disciplined exercise routine and one that is very difficult for the leader to explain to others Habilitative therapeutic exercise conditioning drills conducted among new military recruits not trying to replace skills that have been lost but instead acquire skills that are normal for the individual to have Teacher coach role conflict the challenge of meeting the conflicting demands of the two positions What other duty besides coaching is a head coach at a high school most likely to have o Teaching a math class they usually have a teaching role o Working as the school nurse o Serving as head coach of another sport

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