UGA KINS 2010 - Careers in Therapeutic Exercise (3 pages)

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Careers in Therapeutic Exercise

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Careers in Therapeutic Exercise


Definition of Therapeutic Exercise Types Careers

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KINS 2010 1st Edition Lecture 27 Outline of Last Lecture I What does a PE teacher do a Physical literate individual II Teaching benefits III Teaching negatives IV Effective teachers V How to get a Teaching Job Outline of Current Lecture I Definition of Therapeutic Exercise II Types of Therapeutic Exercise a Rehabilitative b Habilitative III Professions in Therapeutic Exercise Current Lecture Chapter 14 Careers in Therapeutic Exercise Definition of Therapeutic Exercise Therapeutic exercise systematic and scientific application of exercise and movement experiences to develop or restore o Muscular strength endurance or flexibility o Neuromuscular coordination o Cardiovascular efficiency o Other health and performance factors These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Programmed physical activity aimed at improving or restoring quality of life Classified as being rehabilitative or habilitative Types of Therapeutic Exercise Rehabilitative processes and treatments that restore skills or functions that were previously acquired but have been lost because of injury disease or behaviors o Musculoskeletal injuries o Athletic traumas o Postsurgical trauma o Older populations o Psychological disorders o Cardiopulmonary system Habilitative processes and treatments leading o the acquisition of skills and functions considered normal and expected of an individual of a certain age and status o Obese populations o Children with developmental disorders o General fitness sedentary populations o Specialized performance Meet standards that exceed rather than merely meet those of the general population Therapeutic Exercise Settings Inpatient facilities o Rehab hospitals o Custodial care facilities Outpatient clinic settings o Specialized generalized home care Sport team settings o Athletic training weight training o Cardiovascular fitness center Private practice Professions in

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