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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Material need to know for Exam 3

Study Guide
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Soc 101 - Introduction to Sociology

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SOC 101 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 18 22 Lecture 18 November 13 What is Disability Studies ADA Americans with Disability Act passed in 1990 Prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities Social Model vs Medical Model Social Model of Disabilities Lecture 19 November 18 Film Lives worth Living What rights did the Disability activists fight for Consider the idea of the concept that ability and disability are socially constructed Lecture 20 November 20 Chapter 21 Collective Behavior and Social Movements I Collective behavior II Why people engage in collective behavior Herd mentality Mackay Anonymous in crowds Collective mind LeBon III Social Unrest and circular reaction Park IV Acting crowd Blumer V Blumer s Model of How an Acting crowd Develops 5 stages VI Emergent norms Turner and Kilian VII 5 different types of participants in a crowd Ego involved Concerned Insecure Curious spectators Exploiters VIII Prisoner s Dilemma a person s best interest is not usually beneficial to the collective s best interest IX Public good your consumption doesn t affect other people s consumption e g education roads and libraries etc X Social Movements a Challenge authority and power holders b Challenge the cultural beliefs and practices c Must be collective organized sustained and non institutionalized XI 3 elements of social movement Campaigns repertoire of contention WUNC display Worthiness Unify Number Commitment XII Proactive vs Reactive XIII Prolife and Prochoice are BOTH PROACTIVE XIV 6 Types of Social Movements a Alternative b Redemptive c Reformative d Transformative e Transnational f Metaformative XV Weather Underground Reasons behind Declare War on the US government End the Vietnam War XVI Mass Society Theory XVII Deprivation Theory XVIII Relative Deprivation Theory XIX Ideological Commitment Theory Lecture 21 November 25 Film Berkley in the Sixties 1 Identify the social movements that are emerging at this time in Berkeley as described in the film 2

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