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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


The study guide covers everything from the last unit and a review from previous units.

Study Guide
University of Arizona
Hist 277a - History of the Middle East
History of the Middle East Documents

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HIST 277A 1st Edition Exam 3 Final Exams Study Guide Lectures 1 16 1 Who are the following individuals a Harun al Rashid was an Abbasid caliph under whose rule Baghdad entered the Golden Age b Al Ma mun was another Abbasid caliph who waged a civil war against his own brother to gain the seat of the caliphate He was quite a controversial leader He supported the Rationalists during the big controversy regarding how the Quran was created The Rationalists believed that the Qur an was not part of God that it was created Al Ma mun did not appoint his sons as successor unlike his predecessors He appointed a Shi a Imam named Ali al Ridda as his successor c Al Ghazali was a law professor at a law institution founded by Nizam al Mulk He was a scholar and author His works talked about philosophy theology and arguments that refuted the teachings of Isma ili d Nizamal Mulk was a wazir to the Seljuq sultan and founded the Islamic School of Law in Baghdad He invited Arab scholars including Al Ghazali to teach at his law school Al Mulk was assassinated by an Isma ili secret organization e Al Hakim was the 6th Fatimid caliph and 16th Isma ili Imam He destroyed and burned the Church of Resurrection in Jerusalem But he was also credited for the building of the House of Wisdom Dar al Hikam f Salah al Din established the Ayubbid Dynasty in Egypt after defeating and ending the Fatimid Dynasty He eventually united Syria and Egypt defeated the Crusaders and took over Jerusalem g Al Kamil was the nephew of Saladin who eventually became the caliph of the Ayyubid dynasty He ruled in Egypt and came into an agreement with an Italian Emperor named Frederick II to hand over Jerusalem to the Franks One problem was Jerusalem was not under al Kamil s jurisdiction h Shajarat al Durr was the first female sultan to rule over a dynasty Her husband was Ayyub the son of al Kamil When he died she took over and was helped by the Mamluk army Even though they were rising up to power the Mamluk let the Queen

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