UMass Amherst COMM 231 - Final Exam Study Guide (13 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


An overview of the last units of the course, including sound, editing, documentaries, and non scripted filmmaking.

Study Guide
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Comm 231 - Film and Television Production Concepts

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COMM 231 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lecture 13 October 30 Cinema is sculpting in time Tarkovsky The foundation of film art is editing Pudovkin Without editing what do we get Hours and hours of interrupted footage ex Monty Python and the Holy Grail 1975 scene switch from a runner running to the guards and their faces adds to the humor because there is actually no advancement of the runner between the cuts What is the purpose and function of editing to cut down action in space time create meanings and multiple perspectives establish rhythm cover mistakes or conceal stunts The editing process takes multiple takes circled takes director will circle the best take the editor will edit with that one scene use the takes to create the scene mix wide medium and close up shots dailies and rough cuts work print answer print final edit release print Types of edits 1 straight cut no transition just 2 scenes matched up transitions film from 1 shot to another 2 match cut no dissolve or transition cutting on action action started in one shot continued from different perspective in other 3 jump cut disruption of time and space jarring doesn t make sense breaking 180 degree rule line counts as a jump cut 4 fades out and in 5 iris out and in 7 dissolve 8 wipe 9 cut away insert you can cross the 180 degree line if it is during a continuous shot Theories of film editing Kuleshov Russian early 20th century Alfred Hitchcock and the Kuleshov Effect A man with an expression on his face interrupted by an image of different things soup a baby a woman undressed and then back to the man with an expression Based on the picture in the middle the interpretation of the man s expression changes with soup he looks hungry with the girl he looks lustful A B does not equal A B A B C a third meaning Edwin S Porter American late 19th early 20th century parallel editing multiple perspectives The Life Of A Fireman 1903 different shots a woman running around in smoke parallel with a firefighter

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