TAMU INST 210 - IDEA vs Section 504 (2 pages)

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IDEA vs Section 504

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IDEA vs Section 504


Review session for lab

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Inst 210 - Understanding Special Populations
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INST 210 1st Edition Lecture 31 Outline of Last Lecture I Discussion Outline of Current Lecture I IDEA vs Section 504 II III Response to intervention RTI Make sure you know Current Lecture Review Session I IDEA vs Section 504 IDEA Section 504 School aged children ages 3 21 Covers any individual who meets the definition of disabled FAPE Physical or mental impairment that limits a major life function IEP Does not require a child to have a special education placement Provides regulated services Does not require full evaluation Child must be diagnosed and evaluated by a multidisciplinary team Provides related services if needed Provides services at the district s expense Goes beyond school age Accommodations Modifications Extra time seating audio books graphic organizers multiplication chart on a test Change the content of the material Adjustments made so that the student can access the regular curriculum Changing the amount or type of work that the student has to do in order to learn No change to the curriculum You re adding or Reduction in the number of problems a student These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute supplementing the material for the student has to do on homework or a test Giving multiple choice items on a test instead of essay formatted test II Response to intervention RTI A screening process for special education Tier 1 Supports everyone in the school has access to EX reading tutoring every Monday morning for one hour Tier 2 Supports given to students who are not responding to the general curriculum or behavior procedures Slightly more intense and frequent intervention Can be for a group or one student EX group of 7 4th graders gets pulled out for reading support once a week for 30 minutes Tier 3 Kids who didn t respond to tier 2 Most intense and frequent intervention EX 2 students out for reading for an hour 3 times a week Tier 3 does not mean one on one Can t begin testing for sped without having gone through the RTI process RTI is part of pre referral screening RTI is based on data that the teacher collects Typically each tier lasts 4 6 weeks The student is only tested for special education if there is data showing that they did not respond to the tier 3 intervention III a b c Make sure you know the categories of disabilities and which disabilities fall in each IEP process Basic characteristics for each disability and their interventions Check and connect works really well for kids with an emotional behavioral disorder

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