WVU POLS 360 - Final Exam Study Guide (5 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Notes from latest lectures pertaining to the final exam

Study Guide
West Virginia University
Pols 360 - International Political Econmy
International Political Econmy Documents

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POLS 360 Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures from October 21 December 2 Intro to Development Bretton Woods and Development Growths vs convergence Focus on Europe Japan not third world Marshall Plan 1947 Decolonization Bring newly independent states into democracy capitalist hold IMF membership is a pre req for WB membership communism Cold War was capitalist democratic not communist Types of World Bank Loans Hard loans near conventional interest rates grace period of 3 5 years maturity period of 15 20 years Soft loans interest free 10 year grace period 35 40 year maturity period Soft loans are only for poorest of the poor Are loans solutions to development heavy indebtedness Washington Consensus get states out of debt austery programs cutting gov spending trade liberalization structural adjustment policies Millennium Dev Project Goals Improve social and econ conditions for the poorest countries get on the ladder to dev by focusing on basic human development Jeffrey Sachs What do people need to be stable enough to focus on econ development Stress on the importance of global responsibility to poor Goal to meet goals 2015 MDGs Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger people who live on less than 1 a day Achieve universal primary education Eliminate gender disparities in secondary and higher education Reduce child mortality Reduce maternal mortality Halt and reverse HIV AIDS universal access to treatment same with malaria Integrate principals of sustainable development promote biodiversity increase clean water availability Develop global partnership for development Issues with Aid There can always be more Where is it going Center vs periphery cleavage IMF and WB focus on promoting successful states States should be rewarded for good governance Focus money to where it matters Poverty reduction Strategies Countries write PRS in order to illustrate to donors that they have a game plan Donors don t provide enough money Practical linkage needed Focus on Donor Plan Magnitude timing

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