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Organizational Change

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Organizational Change


Introduction to Organizational Change

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COMM 306 1nd Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I Communication Competence Outline of Current Lecture I Organizational Change Current Lecture Organizational Change sequence of events for organizational alterations alter structure or functioning constant and ongoing Change Related Communication messages of organizational change adoption implementation outcomes Types of Organizational Change Deliberate planned purposeful efforts to alter organization Unintended unplanned alteration caused by uncontrollable force Objects of Change Discursive relabeling practices to give impression of change Material alter operations practices relationships decision making Size and Scope of Change 1st Order small incremental predictable interruptions of norm 2nd Order large transformational radical 3rd Order preparation for continuous change Events Leading to Change legal requirements customer client needs new or outdated technology funding labor Phases of Change Formulation awareness of need for change and decide on change Implementation announce decision for change and strategize how to These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute accomplish organization opinions Institutionalization change accepted by members and applied to Dissemination members make sense of change and provide Strategies to Encourage Change Spray Pray provide information and hope employees figure it out Sell Tell emphasis on core values reinforced Underscore Explore discuss potential for success and provide input Identify Reply listen to employee concern and respond Withhold Uphold limit information released due do political issues Outcomes of Change Negative Unintended Consequences failure of change cynicism stress turnover lower satisfaction and trust lack of management support poor information ownership tensions resistance ignorance fear poor training negative attitude Positive Consequences success

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