CU-Boulder BCOR 3000 - Criminal Law Cont'd (5 pages)

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Criminal Law Cont'd

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Criminal Law Cont'd


Criminal Law Cont'd

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University of Colorado at Boulder
Bcor 3000 - Business Law, Ethics, and Public Policy

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BCOR 3000 1st Edition Lecture 26 Outline of Last Lecture I Basic Criminal Concepts II Purposes of Criminal Penalties Outline of Current Lecture I Corporate Criminal Liability II Crimes of Thef III Arson IV Other Crimes V White Collar Crimes VI RICO VII Defenses VIII Procedure Steps IX Outcomes X Attorney Client Privilege XI 6th Amendment Current Lecture Corporate Criminal Liability Corporations liable for crimes committed by their agents employees Person liable for own criminal conduct whether or not committed on corporation s behalf Proof Issue Employee in corporate car hits a pedestrian No one saw the driver but saw the corporate car Can t prove who hit the person no case These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute There sometimes is not one individual who takes and commits all the steps to a crime therefore the corporation as a whole can be held liable Officer and director liability can be held personally liable even if they do not personally know what was going on Crimes of Thef Robbery Taken by force Burglary Breaking In to commit a felony Now taking property from a building Larceny Any taking of property Distinction gone in many states Cybertheft re defining defined on what the person takes not on what the victim lost Arson The unlawful burning of a building Historically only applied to the home of another Now burning one s own building is arson if purpose is to obtain insurance Other Crimes Obtaining goods by false pretenses Like theft but tricks someone into voluntarily transferring property Tricking People Go in to pick up prescription and impersonate a friend who has a medical prescription that you may want Forgery Falsification of document Intent to change rights and or liabilities fraudulent intent If pick up medicine for mother or grandmother if no evil intent no forgery White Collar Crime Embezzlement Criminal properly had access but improperly

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