Mizzou MANGMT 3000 - Exam 3 Study Guide (6 pages)

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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Missouri
Mangmt 3000 - Principles of Management

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MANGMT 3000 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 14 21 Lecture 14Personality stable psychological traits and behavioral attributes that give a person his or her identity Big five personality dimensions extroversion agreeableness conscientiousness emotional stability and openness to experience Proactive personality someone who is more apt to take initiative and persevere to influence the environment Five traits important to orgs Locus of control indicates how much people believe they control their fate through their own efforts Self efficacy belief in one s ability to do a task Self esteem extent to which people like or dislike themselves Self monitoring extent to which people are able to observe their own behavior and adapt it to external situations Emotional intelligence ability to cope empathize with others and be self motivated Lecture 15Perception process of interpreting and understanding one s environment Four steps in the perceptual process 1 2 3 4 Selective attention Interpretation and evaluation Storing in memory Retrieving from memory to make judgments and decisions Stereotyping tendency to attribute to an individual the characteristics one believes are typical of the group to which that individual belongs Halo effect forming an impression of an individual based on a single trait Recency effect tendency to remember recent info better than earlier info Casual attributions activity of inferring causes for observed behaviors Employee engagement an individual s involvement satisfaction and enthusiasm for work Job satisfaction extent to which you feel positively or negatively about various aspects of your work Org commitment reflects the extent to which an employee identifies with an org and is committed to its goals Diversity represents all the ways people are unlike and alike Internal dimensions those human differences that exert a powerful sustained effect throughout every stage of our lives External dimensions consist of the personal characteristics

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