UT Knoxville PBRL 270 - Final Exam Study Guide (7 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


A cumulative study guide for the final exam covering the important information from most lectures.

Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Pbrl 270 - Public Relations Principles

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BIOM 121 1nd Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 2 24 Lecture 2 August 26 What is Public Relations Public relations is a management function that identifies establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends It is a managed communication between an organization and its publics What is the Public Relations process R A C E Research Action Planning Communication Evaluation What are the different job titles for people working in public relations Public Affairs Corporate Communication Marketing Communication Public Information Specialist External Communications Lecture 3 August 28 What is IMC What are the reasons for IMC Integrated Marketing Communication is a custom mix of advertising promotion direct marketing and public relations which results in a coordinated and integrated communication plan Downsizing tighter budgets advertising clutter or public and social policy issues How can one create positive public opinion Host events conduct studies fund activities provide information do good things being socially responsible How can we prevent negative public opinion Have a crisis plan train your people on how to speak to media have an open information policy be transparent don t have indefensible policies Lecture 4 September 2 How are PR companies paid Hourly fee Retainer money paid up front Fixed Product fee what they can pat based on a budget Or a combination of the three Lecture 6 September 9 Who was Edward Bernays Father of modern PR in Crystallizing Public Opinion 1923 Persuasion directed at the public to modify attitudes and actions Effort to integrate attitudes and actions of an institution with its public and attitudes of publics with that institution Who was Ivy Lee He was the first PR counselor concept that businesses should align themselves with the public interest dealing with the top management PR as a management function open communication with media reporting

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