UT Knoxville PBRL 270 - Final Exam Study Guide (7 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


A cumulative study guide for the final exam covering the important information from most lectures.

Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Pbrl 270 - Public Relations Principles
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BIOM 121 1nd Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 2 24 Lecture 2 August 26 What is Public Relations Public relations is a management function that identifies establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends It is a managed communication between an organization and its publics What is the Public Relations process R A C E Research Action Planning Communication Evaluation What are the different job titles for people working in public relations Public Affairs Corporate Communication Marketing Communication Public Information Specialist External Communications Lecture 3 August 28 What is IMC What are the reasons for IMC Integrated Marketing Communication is a custom mix of advertising promotion direct marketing and public relations which results in a coordinated and integrated communication plan Downsizing tighter budgets advertising clutter or public and social policy issues How can one create positive public opinion Host events conduct studies fund activities provide information do good things being socially responsible How can we prevent negative public opinion Have a crisis plan train your people on how to speak to media have an open information policy be transparent don t have indefensible policies Lecture 4 September 2 How are PR companies paid Hourly fee Retainer money paid up front Fixed Product fee what they can pat based on a budget Or a combination of the three Lecture 6 September 9 Who was Edward Bernays Father of modern PR in Crystallizing Public Opinion 1923 Persuasion directed at the public to modify attitudes and actions Effort to integrate attitudes and actions of an institution with its public and attitudes of publics with that institution Who was Ivy Lee He was the first PR counselor concept that businesses should align themselves with the public interest dealing with the top management PR as a management function open communication with media reporting the bad along with the good humanizing business opinion leadership What are the Four Models of Public Relations 1 Press Agentry the purpose is propaganda they have one way communication and the truth is not essential They use little research 15 of organizations still use it today 2 Public Info the purpose is to disseminate information One way communication but the truth IS important It is practiced in government nonprofits and businesses 50 of organizations use this model today 3 Two way asymmetric its purpose is scientific persuasion Two way communication Uses formative research 20 of agencies use it today 4 Two way symmetric the purpose is mutual understanding Two way communication Formative research 15 of organizations use it today Lecture 7 September 16 What are the 3 basic orientations of decision making Absolutist black and white no grey Existential practical decision making Situational what does the least harm or the most good Lecture 8 September 18 What is PRSA Public Relations Society of America 20 000 members in 116 chapters Who was Rex Harlow He cofounded the American Council on Public Relations later Public Relation Society of America PRSA Lecture 9 September 23 What is research in Public Relations PR research is the controlled objective and systematic gathering of information for the purposes of describing and understanding It is the point of departure of a communication plan How can research help us By identifying key issues know publics verifying public opinion plan a PR campaign generating news with findings getting feedback evaluating measuring PR results Why is research so important To make communication efforts effective to increase two way communication to learn from the successes and mistakes of other campaigns to scan the environment To be able to better prevent crises monitor competitors generate publicity and know public opinion Lecture 10 September 25 What are the different elements of a Public Relations campaign Situation understand the challenge organization client industry and environment to set clear and valid objectives Run a SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Objectives SMART Audience Public relations campaigns are directed toward specific and defined target audiences Strategy Broad statement on how an objective can be achieved guidelines and themes for your program Tactics specific activities that put strategies into operation and help achieve overall goal and stated objectives Timetable deciding when a campaign should be conducted and determining the proper sequence of activities Budget how much will the campaign cost Evaluation the measurement of results against the established objectives set during the planning process What is an objective Objectives are subsets of goals and should be expressed in concrete measurable terms What is the criteria for an objective Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time specific Lecture 11 October 2 What is the classic definition of communication Who says what to whom through which channels with what effect The art of transmitting information ideas and attitudes from one person to another True communication only occurs when the audience receives the message exactly as the sender intended it Lecture 12 October 7 What is the five stage adoption process 1 Awareness mass channels a person becomes aware of an idea or product via advertising news story in newspaper mention on the news or a group chat 2 Interest media agencies friends individual seeks more info via Google search ordering a brochure reading an in depth article 3 Evaluation friends and colleagues person evaluates idea or product based on how it meets specific wants or needs Feedback from friends and family is part of this 4 Trial dealers salespeople agencies friends tries the product by using a sample witnessing a demonstration or making qualifying statements such as I read 5 Adoption personal experience individual uses the product or integrates the idea into his belief system and I read becomes I think Lecture 13 October 9 What is agenda setting The media sets agenda for public discussion They don t tell us what to think but what to think about What is framing Journalists select certain facts themes treatments and even words to frame a story What is the spiral of silence It refers to the tendency of people to remain silent when they feel that their views are in opposition to the majority of a subject What is public opinion What do we know about it It is the

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