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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


study guide

Study Guide
University of Alabama
Geo 102 - The Earth Through Time
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GEO 102 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 31 33 Lecture 31 November 19 Extinction Permo Triassic o 95 of marine life gone o 70 of all terrestrial life gone 4 other big extinction events o Many smaller extinction events o Often coincident with geological periods Mesozoic The Age of Reptiles Although reptiles evolved in the late Paleozoic they became the dominant land fauna in the Mesozoic Dinosaurs are only one type of large reptiles common then there were many tohers that look like them superficially What is a Dinosaur Pelvic girdle Strong evidence some were warm blooded Laid eggs some hatched them inside body Birds and Dinosaurs Pterodactyl was a bird like dinosaur Many fossils that have both bird and reptile characteristics have been found More missing links Extinction Mesozoic ended by another extinction 2nd biggest 70 most terrestrial Caused in part by meteorite impact s o Also Deccan Trap eruptions Left a chemical signature iridium Caused radical changes to global environment Lecture 32 November 24 What Happens when plates collide Ocean versus continental o Oceanic plates subduct o Volcanic arcs and mountains Ocean versus ocean o Older cooler and denser plates o Volcanic arcs Continent versus continent o Collision no subduction thickened structure o Largest mountains Appalachians Taconic orogeny 496 440 million years ago Major events began o 300 million years ago Pangea Several events combined o Acadian o Alleghenian Appalachian Rocky Mountains Laramide orogeny 70 80 million years ago until 35 55 million years ago Episodic Convergent ocean continental boundary Little volcanism low subduction angle Andes Classic ocean continental subduction 200 million years ago to present Altiplano contributed to o Cenozoic cooling nd 2 highest range Himalayas Highest mountain range Still forming Continent continent collision Led to Cenozoic cooling Lecture 33 December 5 Refer to the beginning of the course theory hypothesis etc Focus on climate modern change Cenozoic cool period what causes the ice sheets to fluctuate Orbital change Mountain ranges Pangea Appalachian mountains oldest Himalayas tallest India hit Asia Andes subduction growing Rockies subduction North America growing Human migration different species Use a skeleton to explain geologic life what is missing and its parts Ocean rain drops become more acidic which makes the ocean more acidic Flowers formed in the Mesozoic Energy comes from global warming Himalayas cause weathering shrinking pollen Oil trap stops fluid from getting to the surface Causes salt shale faults Dinosaurs what they were like lifestyle structures are similar to birds Mammals age of Cenozoic know about source rocks Coal comes from plants Ancestors what do we get from them Hands arms Spinal cord tells us if the animal could walk upright Teeth gives us evidence of behavior most information

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