TAMU PSYC 315 - Group Processes (4 pages)

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Group Processes

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Group Processes


Group Processes

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Psyc 315 - Social Psychology

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Psych 315 1nd Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I Social Influences Outline of Current Lecture II Group Polarization III Pluralistic Ignorance IV Social Loafing V Social Facilitation Current Lecture Group Polarization Definition Discussion typically strengthens the average inclination of group members Example If the average of the initial positions of a group is more pro life than pro choice discussion will make the average member of the group develop an even more extreme pro life position than he or she had initially The more extreme a person s position is the more polarized they will be When they keep talking about their views it becomes more extreme They will become further convinced of the topic view People want to agree with everyone else so they jump in the wagon and have more extreme views than they did before Why does this happen Process 1 Informational influence The more arguments in favor of Alternative A that group members hear their own and others the stronger the evidence in favor of Alternative A seems to be This leads the many group members to take a more extreme position in favor of Alternative A Process 2 Normative Influence o Before a discussion begins people often think that the group will take a middle of the road not very extreme position on an issue of discussion If they learn that this is not true which often happens they no longer think that they have to be middle of the road in order to fit in with the overall group opinion o When people see a group converging around a more extreme position than they favor there sometimes is a bandwagon effect everyone states an opinion These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute closer to the more extreme position held by the group so that they will seen to fit in with the others This is Asch type conformity Does this happen in real life Yes Try to think of some examples from your experience

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