UNT BEHV 3200 - Final Exam Study Guide (4 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Covers weeks 12-15

Study Guide
University of North Texas
Behv 3200 - Weird Behavior
Weird Behavior Documents

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BEHV 3200 001 Exam 4 Study Guide Lectures 6 Nov 4 Dec Near Death Experiences Raymond Moody Coined term near death experience in Life After Life 1975 Documented over 50 cases of near death experiences which he took as evidence of life beyond death Common characteristics exhibited across all 50 cases o A sense of being outside one s physical body looking down o Movement through darkness or a tunnel o A great light or a great darkness o Encounters with deceased loves ones or spiritual religious beings o Life review Incidence Demographics Chances of near death experiences following close brush with death 10 20 Most themes common across cultures o Near death experiences emerge in early Greek and Tibetan writings o Commonalities exist despite differences in religion views on death occupation illness etc Spiritual or Natural Some researchers suggest that purely natural causes explain near death experiences Susan Blackmore s Dying Brain Hypothesis the brain is just dying all brains die the same and create the same experiences o Accounts for commonalities We all have the same brain regardless of beliefs race or creed o Peaceful feelings surrounding near death experiences may be due to natural endorphins o Body separation similar to near death experiences can be induced by stimulation of the angular gyrus o Ketamine can induce aspects of NDE s How does the nonphysical soul interact with the physical body Is it actually physical Duncan MacDougal tried to weigh the soul leaving the body upon death o Found that body lost 75 oz upon death o Flaws in research timing temp evaporation o Rancher Lewis Hollander did a similar experiment with sheep and found they actually increase in weight upon death All data is anecdotal and therefore difficult to prove Alien Encounters Are we alone encompasses many questions Is it possible that life exists on other planets Is it likely that other life is intelligent Is it likely that we could achieve contact with life Would we recognize it if we saw

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