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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Discusses endocrine system, reproductive systems, aging, cell reproduction and differentiation, cancers, and genetics

Study Guide
University of Alabama
Bsc 109 - Intro Biology Non Maj II

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BSC 109 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 19 27 Lecture 19 List some classifications of steroid vs nonsteroid hormones Steroid hormones structurally related to cholesterol lipid soluble enter target cells bind to intracellular receptor activate specific genes to produce specific proteins slower acting than nonsteroid hormones minutes to hours Nonsteroid hormones structurally related to proteins lipid insoluble bind to receptors on target cell membranes work through intermediate mechanisms to activate existing enzymes may involve a second messenger within the cell such as cyclic AMP faster action than steroid hormones seconds to minutes What are the three hormones secreted by the pancreas what are their functions Alpha cells secrete glucagon which raises blood sugar and causes breakdown of glycogen to glucose in the liver Beta cells secrete insulin which lowers blood sugar promotes uptake of sugar by cells in the liver muscles and adipose tissue Delta cells secrete somatostatin which inhibits secretion of glucagon and insulin and regulates other hormones Lecture 20 What is the order of parts of the body food passes through from mouth through excretion Mouth pharynx esophagus stomach small intestine large intestine rectum anus What are the 5 basic processes that accomplish digestive system function Mechanical processing and movement secretion of fluids enzymes and hormones digestion absorption elimination of undigested material as feces Lecture 21 Describe the process of formation of urine Glomerular filtration aids in movement of protein free solution of fluid and solutes from blood into the glomerular capsule Tubular reabsorption means the return of most of the fluid and solutes into the blood Tubular secretion means the addition of certain solutes from the blood into the tubule What are the main organs of the urinary system Kidneys ureters urinary bladder urethra nephrons part of the kidney tubule renal vein artery Lecture 22 What is the route of sperm

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