UT Arlington MANA 4321 - Final Exam Study Guide (12 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


A review of everything from Lecture 8-21

Study Guide
University of Texas at Arlington
Mana 4321 - International Management
International Management Documents

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MANA 4321 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 8 11 14 21 Lecture 8 September 30 PROTECTIONISM FORMS Import tariffs Quotas Voluntary Export Restraints VER Domestic content legislation Monetary barriers Stringent standards Subsidies Buy national programs Boycott Embargo Lecture 9 October 2 WHY PROTECTIONISM Promote domestic production save jobs Help strategic industries Protect infant industry Old industry argument Level playing field combating unfair competition National security reasons Political reasons POLITICAL RISK TYPES Transfer risk o Change in ease of transfer of capital goods technology and people in and out of the country Operational risk o Impact on operations caused by changes in government s policies Ownership risk o Change in the proportion of equity owned by a company in a foreign subsidiary POLITICAL RISKS MACRO Causes o o o o Competing political philosophies Civil wars armed conflicts Social unrest and disorders New international alliances Form Outcomes o Confiscation expropriation or nationalization o Damage to property persons o Loss of transfer freedoms POLITICAL RISKS MICRO Causes o Changing social values o Unstable economic conditions o Vested interests o Quasi political o Local business o Latent hostility towards foreigners o Form Outcomes o High inflation increased taxation currency instability o Breach revision of contracts o Discrimination o Mandatory labor benefits Operating restrictions POLITICAL RISK DEFENSIVE STRATEGIES Stay ahead technical and managerial capabilities Multiple sourcing of products Raise political costs of intervention JVs with politically connected local companies Lecture 10 October 7 Maximize debt investment from local sources Significant exports Good citizen public services Hedging via insurance e g OPIC MIGA Lecture 11 October 09 HOFSTEDE S MODEL OF NATIONAL CULTURE POWER DISTANCE Inequality is fundamentally good Most people should depend on a leader The powerful are entitled to privileges Everyone has a place

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