UGA HACE 2100 - Final Exam Study Guide (27 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


This study guide includes all information from the beginning of the semester to the last notes we received on December 5. The final will not cumulative and will only include the information since the last test.

Study Guide
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Hace 2100 - Fam Ec Iss Tr Lf Co
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HACE 2100 1nd Edition Final Exam Study Guide Issue 2 Home Ownership Should John and Marsha Buy or Rent a Home In this issue home ownership policies trends of homeownership types of housing and their advantages and disadvantages how much house can you afford costs and benefits of owning and renting The Case For and Against Ownership consumers were told homeownership would do all of the following President Hoover said it would change the very physical mental and moral fiber of one s own children George Bush s HUD secretary said it would save babies save children save families and save America Roosevelt said that a country of homeowners is unconquerable consumers were told that homeownership might create social financial stability living near the same people would create a social neighborhood having a mortgage to pay may cause you to take your income seriously and cause you to be financially responsible create safer neighborhoods living around people you might recognize so you can tell when there is a stranger and act to protect your neighbors and children create smarter children who do better in school homes provide resources that enable children to do better in school note correlation between families owning automobiles is a stronger indicator of school success than homeownership approximately 100 years ago renting versus owning social renting term referring to rental housing owned and managed by the state by non profits or by a combination of the two generally with the aim of providing affordable housing 20th century 1910 homeownership rate was 46 percent rose to 48 percent during 1920s boom called the Coolidge Prosperity after the president at the time this was when government had first homeownership promotion Own Your Own Home campaign 1922 began under then Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover originally launched by National Association of Real Estate Boards in aftermath of WWI taken over by US Dept of Labor in 1917 became first federal program explicitly aimed at

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