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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Study Guide
Illinois State University
Psy 223 - Social Psychology

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PSY 223 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 6 Social Psychology definition Social psychology attempts to understand and explain how thoughts feelings and behaviors of individuals are influenced by the actual imagined and implied presence of others How scientific social psychologists use scientific method Include systematic observation description and measurement Experimental studies HUGE in soc psych but can t always be used bc sometimes elements can t be manipulated Central phenomenon of soc psych social context social context how people are influenced by the situations in which they are in and how they influence each other the second part of the definition Walton and Cohen study study to illustrate social context minorities stress and freshman year Those who got information about stress being normal regardless of demographics had better GPAs 4 years down the road No effect on white students if had info or not pg 8 9 Community Game Wall Street Game RA at Stanford chose a group of students who were either cooperative or especially competitive they were invited to play game in study Game was called either Community Game or Wall Street Game In either game their personalities did not influence how they played the game what made it more competitive was the name of the game Reveals the power of social influence Social Psychology vs Common Sense Other Disciplines Soc psych not like common sense because soc psych uses scientific method to put theories to test Common sense leaves things too simple usually no simple answer because answer depends on variety of different factors Soc Psych Related to Personality Psych personality psych seeks to understand differences between individuals but soc psych looks at how social factors influence people regardless of different personalities Cognitive Psych soc psych wants to look and how people think learn remember and reason with respect to social information and how processes are relevant to social behavior Clinical Psych soc

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